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The world's animal population has halved in 40 years as humans put unsustainable demands on Earth, a new report warns.

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The books that changed the world's best business brains updated 2 hours 41 minutes ago

At the foundation of many business empires is a well-stocked library.

Bananas? Not just for eating...Plant gives new lease of life to landmine victims updated 4 hours 39 minutes ago

In Uganda, a group of landmine victims are using banana fiber to create rope, profit and community.

Islamic finance seeks new frontiers updated 10 hours 5 minutes ago

Islamic finance is being touted as a more ethical alternative to conventional models, with the potential to appeal to customers beyond its Muslim base.

How a coral farm in the desert could help 'grow bones' updated 1 days ago

Man-made coral reef in Negev desert could change medical operations forever.

Is Bambi the female Banksy? updated 1 days ago

You've heard of Banksy, but have you heard of Bambi? Not the Bambi of Disney fame, but the one dubbed street art's new star.

Meet 12 brilliant African entrepreneurs under 22 updated 1 days ago

Africa, where 70% of the population is under the age of 30, is buzzing with business ideas -- but who are the continent's top young entrepreneurs?

How much will it cost Britain to bomb ISIS? updated 1 days ago

Britain joined the U.S. and its allies in the fight against ISIS -- but any mission will come with a huge price tag.

Can BlackBerry's 'most innovative' new smartphone save it? updated 4 days ago

BlackBerry is pitching its new Passport smartphone as one of the "most innovative" devices it has created, as it seeks to woo back business customers.

The 10 hottest startups in Asia right now updated 4 days ago

Experts pick 10 of the best startups to come out of emerging markets this year.

Will U.S. strikes hurt ISIS' oil riches? updated 5 days ago

Luay al-Khatteeb has spoken to CNN previously about the rise of ISIS, and the challenges facing the Iraq's new oil minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi. Now, U.S. airstrikes have hit locations in eastern Syria where ISIS has been using mobile refineries to produce oil. CNN has revisited the conversation to find out the likely impact of the strikes. This is al-Khatteeb's analysis of the situation.

Branding Nigeria: MasterCard-backed I.D. is also a debit card and a passport updated 5 days ago

What does it mean to be Nigerian? That's the question on the lips of many in Africa's most populous country as new national I.D. cards are being rolled out.

How mentors make superstars updated 5 days ago

Zuckerberg, Bezos and Page relied on mentors. Five leading lights share their secrets of how to make star entrepreneurs.

Ebola's $1B bill hits Africa's bright economic lights updated 6 days ago

Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea -- the three countries facing the biggest health crisis -- are also facing huge bills to try and contain the virus.

Car makers in the driving seat of South Africa's economy updated 8 days ago

Major vehicle manufacturers have set up shop in South Africa's Eastern Cape -- but challenges are fresh in the minds of the region's auto executives.

Forget Twitter, Instagram is in: Will these brands make you cool? updated 8 days ago

Twitter has lost its position in the top 20 coolest brands for the first time in three years.

How to master Mobile advertising updated 8 days ago

When it comes to advertising on mobile devices, banner ads and pop-ups are the norm. But for Boston-based company SessionM, it's out with the old and in with the new.

The richest man in Saudi Arabia on oil, Isis and Murdoch updated 8 days ago

Meet Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Al Saud, richest man in Middle East.

Apple Fast Facts updated 10 days ago

Here's some background information about Apple, Inc.

Can Alibaba topple the Silicon Valley giants? updated 11 days ago

eCommerce giant Alibaba's wildly successful IPO raises questions about the future of tech startups in China.

Nine finance hubs of the future ... they're not where you think updated 11 days ago

Experts are tipping some unlikely places to become tomorrow's finance capitals.

Sharing is daring: mapping the disruption economy updated 11 days ago

Peer-to-peer business is thriving and disrupting global industries. Leading entrepreneurs in the field explain why we need it.

Eye-popping street art ... and how it broke free of the banks updated 11 days ago

This company creates 3D optical illusions. But when the banks didn't believe in it, it found success with P2P lending.

Goodbye home address, hello 'lazy.trouser.snake'? updated 11 days ago

Startup What3Words aims to replace every address in the world with a simple three word code.

Technology gets a makeover as fashion goes futuristic updated 12 days ago

"Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only," Coco Chanel once said. "Fashion is in the sky, in the street...the way we live, what is happening".

Could this futuristic building house an entire city? updated 12 days ago

Ambitious plans for a "city in the city" skyscraper that could house apartments, offices, shops and parks have been revealed.

Africa's oil and gas potential: Boom or hype? updated 12 days ago

Six of the top 10 global oil and gas discoveries in 2013 were made in Africa -- but can these finds transform the continent?

Would go-alone Scotland be richer outside UK? updated 13 days ago

Business and economy is at the top of the agenda ahead of the Scottish independence referendum.

Play a game, get a date: The social apps taking China by storm updated 14 days ago

What are the startups dominating China's ferociously competitive social networking space?

Is China about to take over global business? updated 14 days ago

Walmart has leapfrogged Royal Dutch Shell as the world's largest company, topping the Fortune magazine Global 500 ranking.

Scottish currency dilemma causes pound-ing headache updated 15 days ago

For all the recent scaremongering about the viability of an independent Scotland, it's easy to understand why the chance to reclaim a country's sovereignty offers its citizens an exciting prospect.

Share and get a free meal: How businesses got social media smart updated 15 days ago

Social media is revamping the way businesses reach their audiences, transforming boring billboards and cold commercials into a land of interactive wonders.

The Berlin hub that powers Europe's coolest start-up scene updated 15 days ago

It's the business buzzword that's helping to change the global economy: Start-up. But in Berlin, the start-up world is still shaping up.

Which Russian companies have been hit by the West? updated 15 days ago

The West is hitting Russia with sanctions over the crisis in Ukraine. The sanctions vary from financial restrictions to a block on access to energy exploration technology.

Golan Heights: Making wine in the shadow of war updated 15 days ago

Step inside the surreal world of wine-making in the Golan Heights.

Making scents of tragedy: the most beautiful product of war zones? updated 18 days ago

An entrepreneur's mission to build a designer fragrance empire and rebuild disaster zones at the same time

7 steps to a healthy, authentic company culture updated 19 days ago

Building a positive, authentic culture in your company is crucial to its success

Apple Pay is here, so why does Europe have to wait? updated 20 days ago

The days of Apple just making your favorite gadgets are over. The company is about to enter the payments services arena taking on PayPal, Google, Facebook, Amazon and others in offering a way to allow you to pay using their system.

The pricey business of going to school updated 21 days ago

Pencils have been sharpened, lunch boxes packed, now the bell is ringing.

Abu Dhabi's new super mall: Build it and they will come? updated 21 days ago

Step inside the Middle East's new multi-millon dollar super mall.

Every time you buy something, this app invests a few pennies on Wall Street updated 21 days ago

A new app aims to take the sting out of investing -- by doing it for you.

Blab 'acts as crystal ball' for social media updated 22 days ago

A start-up says it can predict emerging topics and conversations before they trend on the Internet.

'Africa revamped': Fashion designer shoots for the stars updated 22 days ago

Meet Kemi Kalikawe, the owner of Naledi Lifestyle Store which specializes in fashion and household items in Dar es Salaam.

How politicians are trying to break the Internet updated 25 days ago

A stark warning about governments' ability to abuse technology to muzzle citizens, track movements, and shut down peaceful protests has emerged at this week's Internet Governance Forum in Istanbul.

Take a look inside Tehran's transformer house updated 25 days ago

It's the townhouse that twists like a Rubik's cube, to bask in the summer sun and shield itself when winter bites.

Nu Skin's huge corporate party rolls up in Dubai updated 25 days ago

The United Arab Emirates is playing host to a huge corporate party this week. Hotel lobbies and shopping malls are flooded with Chinese guests and the Dubai-Abu Dhabi highway is dotted with long rows of buses branded "2014 Nu Skin Success Trip" in English and Arabic.

ISIS' struggle to control its oil riches updated 26 days ago

ISIS videos are part of today's new reality. One of the many to hit social media has the viewer hearing a recitation of Quranic verses describing a jihad in the battle for Syria's Al Omar energy facility. Syria's largest oil field is one of a handful now under the firm grip of the terrorist organization.

What's wrong with Europe? updated 26 days ago

The European Central Bank has slashed interest rates to their lowest-ever levels as it attempts to reboot Europe's fragile recovery.

Ugandan t-shirt brand devoted to '100% African-made' updated 27 days ago

Definition Africa is a booming t-shirt retailer that aims to sell 100% African-made clothing.

Driverless vehicles: The end of the road for the trucker? updated 27 days ago

Trucks that drive on autopilot could let goods vehicles drive non-stop -- and spell the end of the truck stop.

Thanks to Amazon, tiny sellers can now reach across the globe updated 27 days ago

Amazon is letting entrepreneurs become global "micro-exporters."

Online shopping's future: Click, then collect your local train station updated 27 days ago

In May, I experienced what's known as a "failure to deliver." Then again last week, it was "failure to deliver."

Brits say 'EU sucks' over vacuum cleaner ban updated 29 days ago

The EU police are not about to take your vacuum cleaner away from you. So, stop worrying.

How traders track Twitter to beat the market updated 29 days ago

In a world where information is plentiful and abundant, traders are always trying to make money by finding that hidden advantage. Many are betting that 140 characters is all it takes to beat the market.

Can Recep Tayyip Erdogan revitalize Turkey's economic fortunes? updated 32 days ago

Erdogan sworn in as new president of Turkey. But can country rediscover its fading economic zeal?

Russian sanctions: Europe steps in to protect its dairy from going sour updated 33 days ago

The European Union is stepping in to save its dairy from going sour.

Turbulent times for ailing Qantas after record loss updated 33 days ago

Australia's ailing flag carrier was sent into a tailspin Thursday, as the airline reported its biggest ever loss.

Opinion: Europe must prepare for a cold Russian winter updated 35 days ago

The meeting on Tuesday between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Ukrainian counterpart, Petro Poroshenko, marks the beginning of a new phase in the conflict between the two countries.

Which Western companies are taking a hit in Russia? updated 35 days ago

Viewing this on mobile? Click here to see the infographic. Read more: Western companies getting slammed in Russia

Forget Glastonbury: How Lebanon's Byblos Festival attracts biggest stars updated 36 days ago

The ancient town of Byblos has long been a draw for visitors to Lebanon's picturesque west coast.

Cypriot president: Underwater gas fields can help unite island updated 36 days ago

Could underwater gas fields in the Eastern Mediterranean end up uniting Cyprus?

Revealing the stories behind famous stone faces updated 36 days ago

They have stood quietly among us for centuries, often unnoticed. But now, some of England's historic statues have been given a voice.

Shenan Chuang: Is this China's $50 billion woman? updated 36 days ago

Shenan Chuang turned Ogilvy China into the world's third biggest ad agency, CNN's Kristie Lu Stout asks how she did it.

How Iraq's black market in oil funds ISIS updated 39 days ago

Luay al-Khatteeb spoke to CNN about the impact of ISIS' march through northern Iraq, and the militant group's control of some oil fields. He explained how they used the oil fields to raise funds, and how it could impact global prices. This is an edited version of the conversation.

Bigger isn't better: Why the next wave of condos will be under 500 square feet updated 41 days ago

Could you live in 300 square feet? Developers are betting on it with a new wave of luxury micro-condos.

Meet LEGO's first professional girls updated 42 days ago

When LEGO released a set of figures collectively called the Research Institute -- featuring a scientist, astronomer and a palaeontologist -- it sold out worldwide within a few days.

Ukraine's secret weapon: Funding from the country's millionaires updated 42 days ago

A 20-minute drive from Kiev takes you to a neighborhood that feels more like Beverly Hills than central Ukraine.

Luxury hotels pry open Oman's Green Mountain oasis updated 43 days ago

Oman is looking to open up its interior to tourists and is being helped along the way by a number of international hotel resort brands.

Which foods are off Russian menus? updated 43 days ago

The European Union is spending more than $167 million to soothe the pain being felt by fruit and vegetable farmers hit by Russian food sanctions.

Russia's food ban leaves Europeans with sour taste updated 47 days ago

Russia's beef with the west has escalated after the country banned fruit, vegetables, dairy and meat products from a host of Western nations including the U.S., Australia, Canada and those of the European Union.

Airstrikes, militants and a refugee crisis fail to dampen Iraq oil markets updated 47 days ago

Usually, airstrikes, rebels seizing control of oil fields and refineries, plus a severe refugee crisis are a recipe for market panic.

Hipsternomics: Is the creative class ruining urban communities? updated 47 days ago

Young creatives are piling into working class districts in cities like London and New York. But is the speed of change pricing out long time residents?

Icing on the cake: Young lawyer finds sweet success with baking business updated 47 days ago

A lawyer by day and cake maker by night, Sungeni Mtalimanja turned her passion for baking into a business in Malawi.

Where is Iraq's oil? updated 48 days ago

Erdogan's rise: From controversial PM to president courting power updated 50 days ago

Turkey's Recep Tayyip Erdogan has made history as the country's first directly elected president but his ambitious economic plans could be scuttled by the region's volatile geopolitics.

Here's how to make $8 million on Kickstarter updated 50 days ago

Want to launch a mega-successful Kickstarter campaign? Here's how to do it.

New life for old wheels: Craftsmen turn bicycles into stylish furniture updated 50 days ago

Ojey's Designs Limited is a Kenyan startup specializing in making contemporary furniture from old bicycle parts.

John Defterios: Erdogan looks to secure his place in history updated 54 days ago

Turkey is positioned as the geographic, economic and political bridge straddling both Asia and Europe. How Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan performs if he secures a first round victory in Sunday's Presidential election will determine if this sizable emerging market can restore its luster as an engine for growth and a regional political force.

How Turkey turned from emerging star to economic mess updated 54 days ago

Turkey's economy, fattened with foreign investment during its boom-times, has stalled amid warnings its model is unsustainable.

The desert sands are shifting but can booming Dubai avoid property bust? updated 54 days ago

Dubai celebrated its World Expo 2020 win in style but could a property bubble spoil the party?

How Ebola's economic 'scare factor' adds to misery updated 56 days ago

U.S. President Barack Obama is this week hosting fifty African leaders in Washington D.C. It's an event the White House has dubbed "historic," and it's designed to promote trade and investment.

Aerin Lauder: 'Every woman can be beautiful' updated 56 days ago

CNN spoke to Aerin Lauder, granddaughter of make-up mogul Estee Lauder, about creating her own lifestyle brand.

Gaza conflict: Can economic isolation ever be reversed? updated 57 days ago

The economic blockade has brought Gaza to its knees but can this isolation ever be reversed?

An economic cold wind -- if not war -- can be felt in Europe updated 60 days ago

If you're still querying any economic freeze between Russia and the West, digest this line from VTB bank the day Europe's sanctions took effect: The European Union "have gone against their own interests to do the bidding of their senior colleagues from across the ocean," the Russian financial giant said.

Making money: How to start your own currency updated 60 days ago

People across the world are launching local currencies -- and you can too.

Sanctions empty Tehran's poshest properties updated 60 days ago

Luxury apartments in Tehran are lying empty thanks to uncertainty caused by international sanctions.

From guns to warships: Inside Europe's arms trade with Russia updated 61 days ago

The West has slapped stringent sanctions on Russia in response to the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, believed by the U.S. and others to have been shot down with a Russia-supplied Buk missile system by eastern Ukraine rebels.

We must end this trade in weapons of war updated 63 days ago

The recent controversy over arms sales to Russia reminds me of an interesting exchange during a hustings I took part in during the 2009 European Election campaign.

Bamboo business weaves a brighter future for Malawian youth updated 63 days ago

In Malawi, the craft of bamboo weaving is helping disadvantaged youth rise out of poverty.

Yukos win delivers blow to Russia's Putin updated 63 days ago

The brand name Yukos no longer exists and its former founder Mikhail Khodorkovsky has left Russia after being freed from jail, but a landmark ruling in the Hague released Monday ensures their legacy will live on during a sensitive period of time for Vladimir Putin.

To punish Russia, Europe must be prepared to suffer updated 64 days ago

For months, the West has struggled to take a strong stand against Russia for its incursion into Ukraine.

Is UK set to claim Europe's economic powerhouse title? updated 67 days ago

The UK economy has shaken off the European crisis with growth figures that outshine its G7 peers.

Opinion: Europe must increase sanctions on Russia updated 68 days ago

With their invasion of Crimea and their support for the violent -- and now murderous -- pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine, the Russian government has grossly and blatantly violated international law, international treaties and international norms that have underpinned post-World War II and post- Cold War Europe.

From crisis to success: How Greeks won because they had 'nothing to lose' updated 68 days ago

From the sweeping coastlines of Kalamata to the sun-scorched island of Crete, Greece's olive groves have been thriving in the Mediterranean heat for thousands of years.

Jakarta shapes up to be Asia's hot property market updated 68 days ago

In the Indonesian capital of Jakarta, not even the notorious traffic congestion can slow the voracious demand for property.

Map: Europe's thirst for Russian gas updated 70 days ago

European leaders are under pressure from the U.S. to step up the EU sanctions against Russia, following the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17.

Reaching new heights: Where are the world's tallest skyscrapers being built? updated 74 days ago

If you are using a mobile device, click here to view the graphic.

Ex-model tries her hand at design ... and helps women turn their lives around updated 75 days ago

Making the jump from model to designer seemed like a natural choice for this young entrepreneur.

You can't see it, or figure out its shape: Is this the real new black? updated 75 days ago

Forget the new black. This is the real black.

Cyberattacks: Why you're the weakest link updated 76 days ago

Preventing cyberattacks is a modern-day challenge for financial institutions, businesses and people.

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