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Like the rest of the world, when I learned about the teenage stowaway who climbed into the wheel well of a Hawaiian Airlines 767 in San Jose bound for Maui, I shook my head. Really? What kind of hoax is this? And then security cameras captured him at both airports. You've got to be kidding. From an airline pilot's perspective, this leaves me incredulous.

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The antibiotics that could kill youupdated Tue Apr 22 2014 14:59:56

In 2010, Americans were prescribed 258 million courses of antibiotics, a rate of 833 per thousand people. Such massive usage, billions of doses, has been going on year after year.

What the Boston Marathon winner and bombers have in commonupdated Tue Apr 22 2014 10:57:54

In 2009, when Meb Keflezighi won the New York City Marathon, The New York Times noted that he was attacked in the media and online for being "not really an American runner."

Skip the meat on Earth Dayupdated Tue Apr 22 2014 10:23:57

Before we jump into a debate about the environmental costs of eating meat, here are three things you should know:

As nuclear power dies, solar risesupdated Tue Apr 22 2014 07:45:52

At long last, this Earth Day we celebrate the true dawn of the Solar Age. That sunrise is hastened, here and abroad, by the slow demise of the once-touted "too-cheap-to-meter" Atomic Age of nuclear power.

Is it sexist to talk about Hillary Clinton's age?updated Mon Apr 21 2014 17:00:22

Like Mitt Romney and John McCain, Hillary Clinton will (probably) run for president in 2016 as a grandparent. This seemingly unremarkable fact has triggered a spasm of media self-analysis: is Clinton the victim of a sexist double standard?

A captain faces 'private hell' in sea disasterupdated Mon Apr 21 2014 14:14:36

I've watched with a mix of solemnity and growing anger the press reports of the gathered family members and officials attending to their respective duties in Jindo, South Korea. Last week a ferry filled with high school students and teachers sank in the frigid waters off the southwest coast there; at this writing, nearly 90 people are confirmed dead and more than 200 are still missing.

Obama's high-stakes drone war in Yemenupdated Mon Apr 21 2014 12:51:12

Over the weekend the United States launched drone strikes in two different locations in Yemen, killing at least 15 militants as well as three civilians. At the same time, Yemeni ground forces began what have been termed "unprecedented" operations against al Qaeda's affiliate in Yemen, which may also involve additional U.S. drone strikes, although that isn't clear right now.

Intelligence budget should not be secretupdated Mon Apr 21 2014 09:44:39

Imagine for a moment that instead of just the U.S. Department of Agriculture, 16 federal agencies were responsible for administering the federal food stamp program. Also imagine that each of these agencies had unchecked taxpayer resources and no public oversight. Neither the taxpayer nor anyone in Congress would stand for it. But that is exactly what is happening with America's intelligence programs.

Want green cities? Lose the carsupdated Mon Apr 21 2014 09:42:19

If you really want to strike a blow for the environment during Earth Day on Tuesday, do yourself and everybody else a favor and stop driving your car in town. Really -- who needs it?

How Obama can avoid lame-duck bluesupdated Mon Apr 21 2014 08:32:31

A lot of people don't pay close attention to midterm elections. They are not as exciting as the presidential campaigns, and most Americans are just not interested in the ups and downs of individual members of Congress.

Opinion: Why Geneva accord on Ukraine is tactical victory for Russiaupdated Sun Apr 20 2014 08:49:04

For the first time in months, the ever-worsening Ukraine crisis seemed to have taken a surprising turn for the better. A snap meeting in Geneva brought together the foreign ministers of Ukraine, the European Union and the United States with their Russian counterpart, despite earlier threats by the Kremlin not to participate.

In celebration of 4/20, weed and a tale of two citiesupdated Sat Apr 19 2014 16:25:34

Through a bit of calendrical coincidence, Easter Sunday this year falls on April 20. That's unfortunate because April 20 has become, through no fault of its own, the highest and holiest day of the pot smoker's year.

A galaxy full of Earths? updated Fri Apr 18 2014 16:47:51

The amazing discoveries from NASA's Kepler planet-hunting space telescope keep rolling in. The latest, announced this week by astronomers, is the discovery of a planet just 10% larger than the Earth orbiting in the so-called "habitable zone" of the star Kepler-186.

Did Jesus really rise from the dead?updated Fri Apr 18 2014 14:17:45

As Easter comes into view, the thoughts of billions of Christians turn to Jerusalem, to a sacred weekend that includes the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. Of course, people regard these events with various degrees of literalness. But Easter retains its power.

How Ukraine crisis could pull U.S. to warupdated Fri Apr 18 2014 12:46:02

Despite the ray of good news in Thursday's Geneva agreement on steps to de-escalate the crisis in Ukraine, President Obama was right to sound a note of caution, observing that "I don't think we can be sure of anything at this point."

Oh no! Sandshrew is missing!updated Fri Apr 18 2014 09:11:15

Bad news, guys: The pangolin we adopted is missing.

How much are college students learning?updated Fri Apr 18 2014 08:52:26

If you want to know how U.S. schoolchildren are performing, you don't have to look far: A wealth of information is available, thanks to the National Assessment of Educational Progress.

We need federal, not state, gun policy updated Fri Apr 18 2014 08:50:39

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg plans to spend $50 million of his own money to build a state-by-state grass-roots network focused on stemming the tide of gun violence by expanding the background check system for gun buyers.

Michael Bloomberg is late to the party with his anti-gun pushupdated Thu Apr 17 2014 16:49:17

Like a 3-year-old who thinks he's just discovered the wheel, billionaire Michael Bloomberg is reveling over his startling new gun control tool: the grass roots.

Oceanic salvage manager: How we search for Flight 370updated Thu Apr 17 2014 16:32:56

The wreckage of Malaysia Flight 370 has yet to be found, and the world has been riveted as search operations attempt to pinpoint the aircraft wreckage on the seafloor and begin to raise it.

Racism isn't just a GOP problemupdated Thu Apr 17 2014 08:01:01

There are two groups of Republicans: Those who pander to nativists by encouraging anti-Latino prejudice and exploiting the fear and anxiety that come from changing demographics, and those who tolerate the first group.

We will fight the NRA with common senseupdated Thu Apr 17 2014 07:30:08

A year ago on Thursday, the U.S. Senate failed to pass a bill that would have helped fix our nation's gun laws by requiring background checks on all purchases of firearms. Ninety percent of all Americans -- and more than 80% of gun owners -- believe that all people should be subject to such checks. And even though the bill won majority support in the Senate -- more than 50 members -- it was not enough to break a filibuster.

Earn less to land a husband? updated Wed Apr 16 2014 19:23:15

Despite the fact that Republicans recently voted down the Paycheck Fairness Act (for the third time), no one dares to argue in favor of gender-based salary discrimination.

Is Ukraine about to go nuclear again?updated Wed Apr 16 2014 14:33:24

As tensions escalate on the eastern border of Ukraine, President Barack Obama has called on Russian President Vladimir Putin and his government "to cease all efforts to undermine and destabilize" the sovereign nation after the movement of Russian troops into Ukraine and its annexing of Crimea.

Why would a mother kill her babies?updated Wed Apr 16 2014 14:00:42

In 2001, the nation watched as Andrea Yates, by all accounts a loving mother, was arrested in the killings of her five children after drowning them in a bathtub. In the trial that followed, we learned she had a history of mental illness, which intensified in her postpartum periods and required four psychiatric hospitalizations. She would ultimately be found not guilty by reason of insanity and sent to a Texas psychiatric hospital.

How Paul Ryan's budget failsupdated Wed Apr 16 2014 08:01:35

The House recently approved the budget designed by Rep. Paul Ryan, a leading contender for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016.

Google Glass signals a wearables revolution updated Wed Apr 16 2014 07:45:55

Google Glass is crazy fun, but don't worry if you missed your chance to buy a pair on Tuesday, when it went on sale to the public for $1,500.

Boston and Kansas killings unite usupdated Tue Apr 15 2014 15:32:12

On Sunday, just two days before the Boston Marathon bombing anniversary, we witnessed yet another act of unspeakable violence aimed at dividing our communities along the lines of faith.

Goodbye, good luck to Ukraine?updated Tue Apr 15 2014 13:42:27

The mysterious, faceless green men have entered eastern Ukraine, looking much like they did last month in Crimea before Russia sliced off and swallowed that former province of Ukraine.

Why do racists and anti-Semites kill?updated Tue Apr 15 2014 12:39:38

Why would somebody kill complete strangers near a Jewish center, as happened Sunday outside Kansas City? Or open fire at a Sikh temple near Milwaukee two years ago? Or shoot a guard at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, as the nation witnessed in 2009?

Keystone report can't have it both waysupdated Tue Apr 15 2014 07:46:26

For all the noise about the State Department's final environmental review of the Keystone XL Pipeline being a "blow" to pipeline opponents, the report contains more than enough information for Secretary of State John Kerry -- a respected environmental champion -- to conclude that the pipeline is not in the national interest.

Bring in the lawyers for Flight 370 families updated Tue Apr 15 2014 07:38:21

As the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 continues, both the Malaysian government and the airline have come under sharp criticism. Some say that all involved parties, including the manufacturer Boeing, are circling their wagons and bracing for a long public relations siege while the families of the missing passengers continue to grieve.

U.S. right wing extremists more deadly than jihadistsupdated Mon Apr 14 2014 19:43:46

On Sunday, a man shot and killed a 14-year-old boy and his grandfather at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City and then drove to a nearby Jewish retirement community where he shot and killed a third person. Police arrested a suspect, Frazier Glenn Cross, who shouted "Heil Hitler" after he was taken into custody.

Rabbi: Hate-filled violence threatens us allupdated Mon Apr 14 2014 13:11:37

As Jews prepare for Passover, our community has been hauled into the violence that plagues our nation. At this moment, we don't know for certain whether the killings Sunday at two Jewish Centers in Overland Park, Kansas, were aimed exclusively at Jews, but it certainly feels that way.

'We've got a debt to pay': Voices from the battlefieldupdated Mon Apr 14 2014 11:55:48

At the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the passage of the Civil Rights Act, four presidents remembered the battles and honored those who fought to form "a more perfect union" on the path to economic, educational and voting equality.

U.S. giving Putin green light in Ukraine?updated Mon Apr 14 2014 11:20:26

When Russia invaded and annexed Crimea, Western leaders warned Russia against trying the same trick in mainland Ukraine. Russia is now trying the same trick in mainland Ukraine.

Warrior for justice: Why fugitives would surrender to Chuck Stoneupdated Mon Apr 14 2014 09:17:00

A line of angry protesters waving signs and wearing scows formed a ring around the front entrance of the Daily News' headquarters.

What if the government guaranteed you an income?updated Mon Apr 14 2014 08:25:51

First, the bad news: Even if the economy improves, middle-class career paths will continue to disappear as globalization and technological innovation render more jobs obsolete.

Never do this in the morningupdated Mon Apr 14 2014 07:56:58

Most adults admit to the defeating habit of hitting the snooze alarm every morning.

Democrats, show some spine on taxesupdated Mon Apr 14 2014 07:55:39

Democrats need to show more political spine when it comes to the issue of taxes.

Say NO to the Comcast takeoverupdated Sat Apr 12 2014 13:01:58

Comcast, the nation's largest cable provider, wants to acquire Time Warner Cable, the nation's second-largest cable provider. Should we be concerned?

The West must not blame itself for Putin's revanchism updated Sat Apr 12 2014 06:31:01

There is a growing belief among many in the West that Europe and the United States provoked President Putin into annexing Crimea. Moscow's reaction to NATO expansion and to the EU's efforts to bring Ukraine into its orbit was, it is said, inevitable.

Sebelius' term was a disasterupdated Fri Apr 11 2014 18:32:37

Secretary Kathleen Sebelius' announcement that she is leaving office is a good occasion to assess her impact.

Brandeis' mistake on critic of Islamupdated Fri Apr 11 2014 12:49:15

First, Brandeis University offered an honorary degree to Ayaan Hirsi Ali, an outspoken critic of Islam. Then apparently when officials actually familiarized themselves with her writing after several complaints, they took the offer back this week.

In school rampages, the weapon mattersupdated Fri Apr 11 2014 11:22:06

It rarely makes sense to draw big conclusions or make public policy on the basis of anecdotes. But the plural of "anecdote" is data, and sometimes one-off events are useful in crystallizing lessons to guide policymakers and inform the public.

Has there ever been a great football movie?updated Fri Apr 11 2014 11:06:34

I count 105 football movies on Wikipedia's "list of sports films."

Why we're still running a year after Bostonupdated Fri Apr 11 2014 10:32:16

I was about halfway through the marathon when I saw the man with the plastic pink flamingo. Like me, he was jogging down a highway in coastal North Carolina. Unlike me, he had a beanie -- yes, with propeller -- perched on his head.

The man who inspired the Boston bombingsupdated Fri Apr 11 2014 09:33:45

One year after the Boston Marathon bombings and almost three years after his death in a CIA drone strike in Yemen, Anwar al-Awlaki, the New Mexico-born American cleric who was an operational leader of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, continues to be a major influence on violent jihadist extremists in the United States.

Why Putin is dictating terms to Kerry on Ukraineupdated Fri Apr 11 2014 06:36:50

High-level talks to defuse the Ukraine crisis, due to be held by the U.S., Russia, the EU and the Kiev government next week, amount to a big personal test for John Kerry after a notably accident-prone first year as U.S. President Barack Obama's secretary of state.

How did Boston Marathon attack change you?updated Thu Apr 10 2014 19:12:09

As April 15 approaches, the fact that we tell time in circles brings us to remember the attack on the Boston Marathon one year ago.

Colbert is taking a big riskupdated Thu Apr 10 2014 18:01:28

Only a week after David Letterman surprised viewers with his on-air vow to step down from late-night TV in 2015, CBS moved with stunning speed to anoint and announce his replacement: Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert.

Carter's wrong to blame Obama, Clinton updated Thu Apr 10 2014 17:28:33

First some full disclosure: Former President Jimmy Carter has been pretty good to me. He gave me in-person interviews for my last book and a forthcoming one on the end of greatness in the presidency. And every time we've met, our conversations have been friendly and productive.

A budget that trusts the American peopleupdated Thu Apr 10 2014 13:20:14

For the fourth year in a row, House Republicans have passed a balanced budget.

Stabbing echoes other school rampagesupdated Thu Apr 10 2014 11:32:36

Once again, we confront the specter of a school day bathed in bloodshed. A 16-year-old, Alex Hribal, allegedly takes two long knives into a crowded corridor and sends 20 classmates and an adult to the hospital with grave injuries. Arraigned as an adult, Hribal looks all too familiar: thin, scared, vacant-eyed. He looks younger than his years as he is manacled and maneuvered into a police car.

If she quacks like a presidential candidate...updated Thu Apr 10 2014 11:20:11

What do you call a politician who has close friends running three coordinating super PACs with a stated goal of laying the groundwork for that politician's presidential campaign?

It's not Rahm Emanuel's fault that Chicago is dividedupdated Thu Apr 10 2014 07:54:44

Mayor Rahm Emanuel is not creating two cities, despite Kevin Coval's view in a recent opinion piece about the series "Chicagoland" that's airing on CNN.

Will you 'like' the doctor who tells you you're dying?updated Thu Apr 10 2014 07:48:28

Honesty may be the best policy, but when delivering bad news to patients, physicians must prepare to pay a price for that honesty.

School stabbing victim's selfie was perfectly fineupdated Wed Apr 09 2014 20:51:30

National media outlets first learned of the mass stabbing underway at Franklin Regional High School via social media and parents received frantic calls from smartphones and tweets from their children telling them they're OK, so isn't it fitting that we also met Nate Scimio, the student who was credited with pulling the fire alarm, the same way? I believe it is, but not everyone does.

How Heartbleed bug weakened everyone's online safetyupdated Wed Apr 09 2014 18:20:11

This week, researchers from Google and the Finnish security consulting group Codenomicon disclosed a bug, called Heartbleed, in OpenSSL, one of the most ubiquitous encryption software packages in use on the Internet.

Al Sharpton is no ratupdated Wed Apr 09 2014 17:35:37

The recent spate of stories about the Rev. Al Sharpton's history as an informant for the FBI don't exactly qualify as breaking news: solid newspaper reports at least a quarter century old, detailing Sharpton's maneuvers at the treacherous intersection of federal agents, violent gangsters, and shady music industry operators. In his autobiography, Sharpton himself writes about the days in the late 1980s when he wore a wire and collected data on criminals for the feds.

Boy suspended for bringing own hand to schoolupdated Wed Apr 09 2014 15:26:28

Recently a school principal in Ohio suspended a student for three days after the 10-year-old pointed his finger at another student in class and pretended to shoot.

The Republican budget: An assault on the middle classupdated Wed Apr 09 2014 13:09:56

Strong countries need a thriving middle class, but in America today, the people who have to work for a living are getting squeezed. Republicans in Congress are poised to vote this week on a plan to make it even worse, selling out the middle class to enrich the already rich.

Pangolin PSA will air in Vietnam because of CNN reader donationsupdated Wed Apr 09 2014 08:37:24

"Remember: When the buying stops, the killing can, too."

Why we need women journalists on the front linesupdated Wed Apr 09 2014 07:51:18

Do we need women in the front lines of journalism? Don't doubt it for a second. We all suffered a terrible loss when an Afghan policeman shot and killed the extraordinarily talented AP photographer Anja Niedringhaus last week.

The dangers of Obama's passive foreign policyupdated Wed Apr 09 2014 07:43:48

On June 13, 2009, hundreds of thousands took to the streets in the largest demonstrations seen in Tehran since the Iranian revolution of 1979. They were protesting what many observers said was a rigged presidential election. The regime answered with brutal repression. Security forces admitted 2,000 arrests and some 20 killings. Families of the protesters insisted that the true number of the killed was hundreds more.

How strategic is Sri Lanka?updated Wed Apr 09 2014 06:48:10

Five hundred years ago as the Spanish and Portuguese empires were carving up the Western hemisphere into colonial spheres, Europe's imperial competition in the Indian Ocean was equally intense.

Opinion: Turning Crimea into 'Putinland'?updated Tue Apr 08 2014 23:11:29

For two nights between the 4th and 6th of March, I barely slept.

Don't believe the hype: In the real world, women still make less than menupdated Tue Apr 08 2014 18:06:42

When it comes to the gender pay gap, the cynics have used smoke and mirrors to deny the truth while Congress continues to come up short on critical legislation.

Congressman a kissing hypocriteupdated Tue Apr 08 2014 17:50:36

When is a kiss not just a kiss? When it's a political undoing. On Monday, a Louisiana newspaper posted a video showing freshman Louisiana Rep. Vance McAllister, a conservative Christian and married father of five, in an extended passionate kiss. In his government office. With someone other than his wife.

Cheering Prince George but planning to do away with the Queen?updated Tue Apr 08 2014 09:45:49

Despite the excitement over the royal tour of New Zealand and Australia, the commonly held view of politicians in both countries appears to be that the writing is on the wall for the reach of Britain's monarchy to its far-flung South Pacific realms.

Four things we learned about the Boston bombingupdated Tue Apr 08 2014 08:29:57

A year ago on April 15, two brothers of Chechen heritage who were raised in Cambridge, Massachusetts, were alleged to have carried out a spectacular bombing at the Boston Marathon that killed three, wounded more than 200 and led to a massive manhunt that paralyzed the city and its suburbs for days.

Ukraine to Russia: I'm not your childupdated Tue Apr 08 2014 07:44:04

She was sitting across from me on the bus in Odessa when we struck up a conversation. Her daughter, maybe 2 years old, was playing with her cell phone. Dressed casually in jeans and a shirt, she told me she had finished university and was entering law school. Her husband was a linguist. They lived in Kiev, but had come to the coastal town of Odessa for vacation.

Don't erase Hank Aaron's spot in historyupdated Tue Apr 08 2014 07:38:53

So there was Hank Aaron, leaning back in his chair during an exclusive CNN interview in the clubhouse of an Atlanta golf club, and the former slugger of the Atlanta Braves was fretting over the spot.

Equal pay or opportunity for outrage?updated Tue Apr 08 2014 07:11:19

2014 is an election year. We know this because, once again, the Democrats are out in force with voices raised, full of outrage, trying to convince women that new laws are needed to ensure that they receive equal pay for equal work.

Mary Robinson: Finally, Britain and Ireland are reconciledupdated Tue Apr 08 2014 05:31:17

The state visit of the President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins to Britain this week is the culmination of a series of contacts at head of state level over 21 years, the most important of which was the successful State visit by Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh to Ireland in May 2011.

Opinion: Transparency the only way for China to earn global trustupdated Tue Apr 08 2014 01:26:50

As Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin E. Dempsey is the top-ranking officer in the United States armed forces, the most powerful fighting machine the world has ever known. The Irish-American general married his high-school sweetheart, Deanie. They have three children, Chris, Megan and Caitlin. We even know the names of their sons- and daughter-in-law, as well as those of their grandchildren.

Obama, end rampant deportationsupdated Tue Apr 08 2014 00:03:36

Under President Obama, the United States of America has deported about 400,000 undocumented immigrants each year. That's an average of 1,100 people, including moms and dads and children, per day. These are people who are in the United States largely because our businesses lure-- and rely on--many of them to do the unskilled jobs Americans don't want to do. They are people who have come to the United States as generations came before, to feed their families and fulfill a dream. And we're kicking them out. Every day, in busloads.

How Mickey Rooney showed America its heartupdated Mon Apr 07 2014 23:37:00

Mickey Rooney, who died Sunday at 93, may have been the most unusual major star in the history of Hollywood. Why? For one thing, at the peak of his fame, he was only a youth. In the late 1930s into the 1940s when he topped the Hollywood box office, earning the then huge sum of $150,000 a year, there were few child actors with his clout. In fact, unlike today, there weren't many child actors at all. Only Shirley Temple and Deanna Durbin could begin to rival him.

How to prevent future airplane disappearancesupdated Mon Apr 07 2014 18:03:07

If the pings reported by the Chinese and Australians turn out to be from Malaysia Flight 370's data recorders, we may be on the road to finding the plane and solving the mystery of its disappearance.

Pick a name for this pangolin: Pemalu, B?o, Percival, Sandshrew or Lanceupdated Mon Apr 07 2014 15:11:15

Meet P26 -- a shy pangolin who recently was released into a national park in Vietnam after being seized from the illegal pangolin trade. Pangolins are thought to be the most trafficked mammals in the world, which made them the subject of a recent series for CNN's Change the List project. They're traded by the ton.

Repeal Obamacare? Forget about itupdated Mon Apr 07 2014 07:56:05

In American politics, there is strength in numbers. When enough people feel a vested interest in the survival of a program, it becomes extraordinarily difficult for opponents to dismantle it.

California's Hispanic milestoneupdated Mon Apr 07 2014 07:49:26

Twenty years ago, an editor at the Los Angeles Times told me the newspaper had changed the way it reported on Mexico. "Now we cover it as a local story," he said.

World Health Day: The neglected diseases that plague 1 in 6updated Mon Apr 07 2014 06:47:46

There's a popular African proverb that seems particularly relevant to this World Health Day: "If you think you're too small to make a difference, try sleeping in a closed room with a mosquito." Beyond their power to annoy, mosquitoes and other insects carry an outsized ability to kill, disable and disfigure people in massive numbers.

NZ prepares to go ga-ga over blue-blooded babyupdated Mon Apr 07 2014 05:04:04

British tabloids have led a feeding frenzy of international media coverage that started weeks ahead of Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge's Australasian visit, but the New Zealand media have been slower to smell the blood.

For Adelson, Koch brothers, buying a politician is good businessupdated Mon Apr 07 2014 00:34:42

Despite Republicans' claims that they're going to shorten the 2016 primary process, the contest is already under way.

Why India feels jilted by Obamaupdated Sun Apr 06 2014 23:07:10

When I left India to move to America 13 years ago, the President of the United States was George W. Bush, a man who was often internationally lampooned for mismanaging two wars and tainting Washington's image abroad. But moving back to India this month, I've been struck by the number of Indians who look back wistfully at the Bush years.

11 things to know about world's biggest electionupdated Sun Apr 06 2014 18:15:37

India's general election, the largest democratic exercise in history, begins Monday. Voters will elect 543 members to the lower house of parliament, which will then select the country's next prime minister. Here are 11 things you need to know about the world's biggest election:

Virtual assistants are the future updated Fri Apr 04 2014 19:27:28

The age of the virtual assistant is here to stay with Microsoft adding the voice of Cortana to its Windows Phone 8.1.

How Mozilla botched CEO's ousterupdated Fri Apr 04 2014 18:38:41

We've all done things in our past we might prefer the general public not talk about, but only the lucky few get to be the targets of whole industries dedicated to digging those things up.

Why are Cortana and Siri female? updated Fri Apr 04 2014 15:15:20

Microsoft's Windows Phone 8.1 just got an upgrade with the voice of Cortana. If you're an avid video game player, you're probably thrilled. Cortana is a character in the popular Halo video games series. She's sexy and smart and tries to save the world.

Opinion: After Karzai, Afghanistan at perilous crossroadsupdated Fri Apr 04 2014 13:02:28

With Afghanistan heading to the polls on Saturday, concerns have been voiced about likely electoral irregularities. Abdullah Abdullah, a former foreign minister and leading presidential candidate, has warned the ballot will be marred by "industrial scale fraud" to rival the 1 million votes that were disqualified in the 2009 elections.

Opinion: For many Egyptians, there is no alternative but el-Sisiupdated Fri Apr 04 2014 11:41:54

Egypt's next president will have to work hand in hand with a complex bureaucratic structure that has been in a state of transition for the past three years.

Opinion: Egypt's el-Sisi manufactures new dictatorshipupdated Fri Apr 04 2014 11:41:42

Since the July 3 military coup, Egypt has been witness to the rise of a new military dictatorship led by Field Marshal Abdel Fattah el-Sisi.

Is Internet driving Letterman away?updated Fri Apr 04 2014 09:56:14

When David Letterman made the surprise announcement on Thursday's "Late Show with David Letterman" that he planned to retire in 2015, his stated reasons were that he was just about to turn 67, had been doing the job for more than three decades and wanted to spend more time with his son and family. Hard to argue with any of that.

Royal jet-set: Why Prince George is going long-haulupdated Fri Apr 04 2014 08:09:13

Britain's Duke and Duchess of Cambridge leave Britain on their three-week visit to New Zealand and Australia this weekend with their baby son Prince George. A "hub and spoke" system has been put in place allowing for the new parents to travel to engagements during the day and return to their son in the evening, much like parents the world over who trudge off to work in the morning only to dash home in the evening to catch baby before bedtime. Granted most parents in the workforce don't get to enjoy legions of adoring fans waving flags, parading "We love u!" banners and requesting royal selfies, but perhaps this will give William and Kate a taste of their much-longed-for opportunity to feel "normal."

Should mentally ill soldiers be allowed to own guns? It's not that simpleupdated Thu Apr 03 2014 18:02:45

A month before Spc. Ivan Lopez opened fire at Fort Hood's First Medical Brigade Building, he was under the care of military doctors, having been evaluated and treated for depression, anxiety and sleep disorders, according to military officials.

Why I fought campaign contribution limitupdated Thu Apr 03 2014 16:58:04

The Supreme Court on Wednesday reinforced the nation's belief in freedom and its constitutional traditions with a ruling that upheld my challenge to a section of the federal election campaign law that restricted citizens' rights to express their views.

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