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On Thursday in Tampa, U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel presided over a change of command ceremony during which Adm. William "Bill" McRaven handed over the reins of Special Operations Command to his successor, Gen. Joseph Votel.

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What's behind sex abuse of 1,400 children updated Fri Aug 29 2014 13:24:42

The publication of a report into child abuse in the northern town of Rotherham, England has shocked Britain to the core.

How to make Putin back downupdated Fri Aug 29 2014 12:11:52

Unable either to win the war in Ukraine by proxy or to retreat from the conflict because of the enormous blow a defeat would deliver to his regime's legitimacy, Russian President Vladimir Putin appears to be sending in regular troops to attack Ukraine. The action is south of rebel-held Donetsk, which, until Russia's heightened involvement this week, was on the verge of being retaken by the Ukrainian army.

Opinion: Fog lifts to show Russia at warupdated Fri Aug 29 2014 10:17:24

The fog has been lifted. There is no serious doubt left that Russia is "now directly involved in the fighting" in Ukraine, as Geoffrey Pyatt, U.S. Ambassador in Ukraine has said on Twitter.

Why did Angie and Brad bother to get married?updated Thu Aug 28 2014 17:53:31

You might have heard: Brad and Angelina secretly tied the knot at last. A spokesperson for the couple announced that the pair wed privately in a nondenominational civil ceremony in France over the weekend. So ends years of speculation as to when, if ever, one of Hollywood's more famously liberal couples will finally make it official. It's official.

Time to reconsider cops' 'deadly force'?updated Thu Aug 28 2014 16:44:50

Several recent high-profile cases involving cops who have shot civilians have acquainted us with the nuances of self-defense, deadly force and the standard of "reasonable fear of imminent great bodily harm or death."

Get rid of assault weaponsupdated Thu Aug 28 2014 16:30:50

The gun outrages continue, the latest the shooting of a gun instructor in Arizona by a 9-year-old girl who was taken to the range by her parents so she could shoot an Uzi, an Israeli-made submachine gun.

How for-profit colleges rip off studentsupdated Thu Aug 28 2014 10:54:07

There are promising signs that the Department of Education and the Department of Justice might be getting serious about holding for-profit colleges accountable after so many of them have deceived students for years.

Let kids sleep laterupdated Thu Aug 28 2014 09:40:31

The American Academy of Pediatrics' new recommendation to start middle and high schools no earlier than 8:30 a.m. is a turning point in the decades-old battle to start school later. Establishing adolescent sleep and school hours as public health issues -- and specifying an earliest acceptable bell time -- should energize communities to stop condemning another generation to chronic sleep deprivation.

Why ISIS immune to 'naming and shaming'updated Thu Aug 28 2014 08:07:57

We who work to promote human rights operate in the realm of treaties, rule of law, and state responsibility.

What would Reagan do?updated Wed Aug 27 2014 16:42:04

Instead of criticizing President Barack Obama's lack of an effective national security policy as the terrorist threat of ISIS grows in Syria and Iraq, it might be helpful to imagine the speech President Ronald Reagan would have given in response to the videotaped beheading of James Foley.

Why is a 9-year-old firing an Uzi?updated Wed Aug 27 2014 15:17:54

A 9-year-old girl accidentally killed a shooting instructor with an Uzi on Monday, authorities in Arizona said, and now the world is asking itself an absolutely absurd question: Should a fourth-grader be legally allowed to shoot an Uzi? The only answer to that question is: Hell fricking NO -- it should be against the law.

When Americans leave for jihadupdated Wed Aug 27 2014 12:26:48

Douglas McAuthur McCain grew up in the Minneapolis area. Aged 33, he died more than 6,000 miles to the east of his birthplace, fighting in Syria for ISIS, the group that calls itself the "Islamic State."

Opinion: Libyans paying price for Mideast divideupdated Wed Aug 27 2014 11:27:00

A New York Times article has reported that the United Arab Emirates and Egypt have launched airstrikes in Libya against militias, without coordinating with their ally, the United States of America.

Blame Burger King deal, not Warren Buffett updated Wed Aug 27 2014 07:49:57

Americans are rightly angry that Burger King plans to use its merger with the Canadian doughnut and coffee chain Tim Hortons to claim Canadian citizenship, probably as a way to avoid paying U.S. taxes -- which the burger chain denies. But Burger King is the latest company to undergo an inversion, which happens when an American company uses a merger to reincorporate as a foreign one.

Tech industry needs this secret weaponupdated Wed Aug 27 2014 07:26:16

A few decades ago, I remember grousing to a college friend that as an Asian American male, everyone I met assumed I was studying some kind of science or engineering -- as if the idea that I might want to pursue a career in the arts, humanities or communications was ridiculous. My friend responded that as a 6-foot-7 African American pre-med student, he would be ecstatic for someone to actually believe he had an interest in a STEM field, as opposed to, say, basketball. Back then, we laughed off the exchange as a sign of how the stereotype grass is always greener on the other side.

Fast-tracking children to possible deathupdated Wed Aug 27 2014 07:20:40

In his epic "Letter from the Birmingham Jail," the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. observed that "justice too long delayed is justice denied."

Can the U.S. afford another $3 trillion war?updated Wed Aug 27 2014 03:50:02

After piling up trillions of dollars of war debt during the last decade, America seemed to be on the brink of a new era -- ready to shut off the Iraq-Afghanistan funding faucet, bring its troops home and enjoy a peace dividend.

ISIS is forcing a 'moment of truth'updated Tue Aug 26 2014 19:22:49

America was rightly shocked by the brutal, videotaped murder of American journalist James Foley.

Ferguson is propaganda boon for U.S. foesupdated Tue Aug 26 2014 16:38:25

America's painful struggle with racism has often brought great satisfaction to the country's rivals, critics, and foes. The killing of Michael Brown by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, and its tumultuous aftermath has been a bonanza.

How U.S. can help Syria drive out ISIS updated Tue Aug 26 2014 16:13:19

American officials are pondering whether to strike ISIS elements in Syria to better contain the group's fearsome power, following its horrific execution of James Foley and the direct threats it has leveled against the United States.

Emmys show 'Big Four' networks not dead yetupdated Tue Aug 26 2014 12:35:23

Maybe it was just a case of delaying the inevitable during Monday's 66th Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony.

How I overcame depressionupdated Tue Aug 26 2014 08:40:48

Monday night's tribute to Robin Williams at the Emmy Awards was moving and powerful and funny, like the man himself.

Can peace come to Ferguson?updated Tue Aug 26 2014 08:17:18

The lines to get a seat inside Friendly Temple Missionary Baptist Church started forming before 8 a.m. By then the sun was already high and the air thick.

How police can avoid shooting the mentally illupdated Tue Aug 26 2014 07:54:28

In the past two weeks, police have killed at least four people with psychiatric disabilities, each of whom had a weapon. Most recently, police in St. Louis shot Kajieme Powell, killing him just a few miles from Ferguson, Missouri.

No end in sight to French political turmoilupdated Tue Aug 26 2014 07:12:53

When France's Economy Minister Arnaud Montebourg was quoted in French daily newspaper Le Monde over the weekend attacking the economic policies of his very own government, he knew what he was doing: Pulling the pin out of a grenade. And he certainly seemed to have no regrets.

Mo'ne, sweet revenge for yesterday's sidelined girls updated Mon Aug 25 2014 11:48:02

"Hey batter, hey batter, batter -- swing!"

Will Mitt Romney run for president in 2016?updated Mon Aug 25 2014 10:39:45

The Christian Science Monitor recently reported that Mitt Romney's former political advisers are adamantly denying rumors that their boss might run for the presidency in 2016. "I take Mitt at his absolute word," said Ron Kaufman. "He's not running."

Why I fear for my sonsupdated Mon Aug 25 2014 08:00:45

I am a 54-year-old black woman -- a mother, lawyer and law professor. I teach at the Washington University in St. Louis Law School and live 12 miles away from Ferguson, Missouri.

Now ISIS has drones?updated Sun Aug 24 2014 18:46:56

In a video uploaded to YouTube on Saturday purportedly by the terrorist group ISIS, various scenes of jihadist propaganda flash across the screen: militants reading verses from the Quran and examining a map of northern Syria, clips of violent clashes and explosions.

Ice Bucket Challenge is not a gimmick updated Sat Aug 23 2014 12:17:49

The Ice Bucket Challenge invites eye rolling.

Can Obama handle ISIS?updated Fri Aug 22 2014 18:47:38

Traveling in Europe this week, I had a chance to see the world through the eyes of the London Times, the Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail.

Why keep prosecutor on Brown case?updated Fri Aug 22 2014 18:31:25

As the investigation into the shooting of Michael Brown continues, critics, including Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon, have questioned the prosecutor's efficiency and impartiality.

Should Western nations just pay ISIS ransom?updated Fri Aug 22 2014 16:34:34

ISIS demanded 100 million euros ($132.5 million) in ransom for the release of James Foley, the American journalist kidnapped and killed by the terrorist group in Syria, according to a spokesman for GlobalPost, the news website for which Foley freelanced.

Can Qatar, Saudi Arabia ease tensions at Gulf Cooperation Council?updated Fri Aug 22 2014 13:12:28

It's the gravest diplomatic crisis the Gulf Cooperation Council has ever faced -- but as leaders from the six-member Arab alliance prepare to meet in Jeddah, are things about to get even worse?

Don't blame extremism on British toleranceupdated Fri Aug 22 2014 10:56:19

About a year after the 2005 London bombings, right-wing British journalist Melanie Phillips published a book that she called "Londonistan." It was an extended lament about what she called the decline of British values and the destructive consequences of multiculturalism. U.S. security agencies and others began to call the British capital Londonistan -- and only partly in jest.

U.N. facing unprecedented challenge in South Sudanupdated Fri Aug 22 2014 10:18:49

The U.N. Security Council delegation visiting South Sudan last week came face-to-face with a troubling reality: The country has been seized by an eight-month civil war between parties that have committed violence against civilians on a devastating scale.

Should we call ISIS 'evil'? updated Fri Aug 22 2014 08:31:53

When most people look at ISIS, they see the incarnation of evil. Among its many horrific acts, the Islamic militant group beheaded American journalist James Foley and posted the video this week in retaliation for U.S. airstrikes in Iraq. The Pope typically protests violence, but he implied that he supports the use of military force to combat ISIS. Even al Qaeda says ISIS is too violent. Across the political spectrum, public officials and pundits have characterized them as "savages," a "cancer" and the "face of evil."

First responder: What I saw at Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 crash siteupdated Thu Aug 21 2014 20:34:15

It was late afternoon in Kiev on July 17 when I spotted the tweet: a commercial airliner had been downed over eastern Ukraine.

Ferguson, consider Brown's parents updated Thu Aug 21 2014 16:30:36

The intense situation in Ferguson, Missouri, is disturbingly familiar to us. In November, it will be eight years since we suffered the same tragedy as Michael Brown's parents. Our unarmed son, Sean Bell, was killed in a barrage of 50 shots fired by New York plainclothes police officers on his wedding day, November 25, 2006.

Let Pete Rose in the Hall of Fame alreadyupdated Thu Aug 21 2014 16:18:55

They lined up for a group portrait. Hank Aaron. Sandy Koufax. Reggie Jackson. George Brett. Al Kaline. Ernie Banks.

Will athletes use their power for good or evil?updated Thu Aug 21 2014 15:21:01

I never set out to be an Olympic gold medalist. I never said out loud that I wanted to be the world's best at any particular thing. As a scrappy little girl I certainly never imagined that I would be the most decorated at any given sport. I was a shy middle child, the peacemaker, growing up in Oklahoma. At 5 years old, I followed my older sister into the sport of gymnastics.

The only way to defeat ISISupdated Thu Aug 21 2014 14:42:28

The major portion of the area Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is attempting to control for the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria is the same place I called home for 16 months of my life.

Hey GOP: Don't rig the vote, rock it updated Thu Aug 21 2014 13:42:05

This month, a federal judge allowed North Carolina to put into effect new laws that would make it more difficult to vote. Most of the American public didn't notice.

What Jesus knew about income inequalityupdated Thu Aug 21 2014 11:33:59

Does money make you happy? Does being rich contribute to your spiritual life and its possibilities?

Are we Ferguson?updated Thu Aug 21 2014 08:06:01

We all know the slogans meant to express empathy and solidarity: "We are Columbine." "We are all New Yorkers." "I am Trayvon Martin." The "We are Ferguson" messages have already begun, and we will likely see more.

Beheading video poses challenge for social mediaupdated Thu Aug 21 2014 08:04:41

At first glance, it seems obvious -- of course Twitter and YouTube have the right to take down a video showing the American journalist, James Foley, being beheaded. The question is why taking it down is controversial at all. The answer, I think, shows how important services like Twitter have become, and how this has thrust unexpected responsibilities onto them.

Opinion: What is ISIS hoping its abhorrent beheading video will achieve?updated Thu Aug 21 2014 07:50:14

The recent video depicting the final words and beheading of U.S. journalist James Wright Foley by someone that seems to be a British foreign fighter has sent shockwaves across the West.

James Foley is a reminder why freelance reporting is so dangerousupdated Thu Aug 21 2014 05:53:06

Freelance journalist James Foley was brutally killed yesterday after being held for 21 months by Islamic militants in Syria. Despite the increasing dangers of working in the region, despite the many journalists who have been kidnapped or are still missing, and despite dreading this news, it has taken us all by surprise and we are deeply, deeply shocked.

Black moms shouldn't have to have 'the talk'updated Wed Aug 20 2014 18:14:35

I am a mother who watched her mother bury her only son.

Liberia cannot cope with Ebola updated Wed Aug 20 2014 15:46:06

On Wednesday, angry residents of West Point, one of the poorest slums of Liberia, clashed with police when they discovered that the government has quarantined the entire area in an effort to contain the spread of Ebola. This comes on the heels of another incident at West Point a few days ago, when people attacked an Ebola clinic, releasing patients and taking bedding and other items. When the international community heard about the incident, it could not understand such reckless behavior in the face of a deadly outbreak. But living here in Liberia, we understand.

No, the Pope didn't call for a crusadeupdated Wed Aug 20 2014 13:46:24

Pope Francis' trip to South Korea memorialized the atrocities of the last century. On the way home, the Pope became embroiled in controversy about a conflict raging in the current one.

Ferguson: Police and community can repair the hurtupdated Wed Aug 20 2014 13:21:41

Three summers ago, my wife and I were settling into a short summer holiday when I received an unexpected phone call from the police chief in Tottenham, the part of North London where I grew up and now represent in the UK Parliament. Phone calls from police officers are not uncommon in my line of work, but when the chief's number appeared on my screen I knew this was serious.

ISIS beheading: What should U.S. do?updated Wed Aug 20 2014 13:14:46

American journalist James Foley was murdered, beheaded by an English-speaking member of ISIS, the extremist group that calls itself the Islamic State and has already conquered large swaths of two Middle Eastern countries. The sickening execution, recorded and released online for the world to see, came with a warning to the U.S.: ISIS showed another captive American journalist, believed to be Steven Sotloff, and threatened to kill him too if the U.S. does not stop helping those fighting to stop ISIS advances.

Why James Foley's murder was a message to Britain updated Wed Aug 20 2014 12:30:52

It was a gruesome act performed atop the stage of the global theater -- the grotesque image of a masked man, dressed all in black, beheading an American journalist in a production intended to strike terror into the hearts of millions around the world.

What Michael Brown's autopsy tells usupdated Wed Aug 20 2014 08:57:35

Michael Brown, Eric Garner and John Crawford all have one thing in common: It's not just that they were unarmed men of color killed by police officers -- it's that the responsibility to investigate each of their deaths fell to a medical examiner.

American justice different for black menupdated Wed Aug 20 2014 08:47:48

An autopsy report has revealed that Michael Brown was shot six times. It's among the few bits of concrete information released to the public, another being the name of the officer, Darren Wilson, who shot dead an unarmed and (by some accounts) surrendering Brown on August 9 on the street in Ferguson, Missouri.

My vision for a democratic Pakistanupdated Tue Aug 19 2014 22:43:22

So what kind of new political system do I want for Pakistan?

Why did Ferguson cop need 6 bullets?updated Tue Aug 19 2014 10:22:43

Residents of Ferguson, Missouri, were newly infuriated this week to learn from an autopsy report that Michael Brown, the man whose killing by a police officer on August 9 has set off days of ferocious clashes between police and protesters, had been shot six times. People who are unfamiliar with police work can reasonably ask, why was an unarmed man shot so many times, and why was deadly force used at all?

Can Mexico save the endangered vaquitas?updated Tue Aug 19 2014 09:46:36

Humans have driven to extinction four marine mammal species in modern times: Steller´s sea cow in 1768, the Caribbean monk seal in 1952, the Japanese sea lion in 1970 and the baiji or Chinese river dolphin in 2006. As you read this, we are on the brink of losing the fifth.

The real reason Ferguson has military weaponsupdated Tue Aug 19 2014 07:48:58

It used to be billy clubs, fire hoses and snarling German shepherds. Now it's armored personnel carriers and flash-bang grenades. The weaponry has changed, but the target is still the same.

Enough! We need answers on Ferguson shootingupdated Mon Aug 18 2014 20:42:53

What's going on in Ferguson? It's been nine days since Michael Brown was killed, and his family is still waiting for information from investigators about what happened to their young man.

Navarrette: Don't be afraid of America's changing demographicsupdated Mon Aug 18 2014 17:52:20

For many Americans, the scariest phrase in the English language is "changing demographics."

Ferguson: The signal it sends about Americaupdated Mon Aug 18 2014 17:07:22

The protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, want justice for the unarmed black teenager shot and killed there by a police officer. But the protests also reflect broader patterns of racial injustice across the country, from chronic police violence and abuse against black men to the persistent economic and social exclusion of communities of color.

Does Rick Perry's indictment disqualify him for 2016?updated Mon Aug 18 2014 10:00:19

The indictment and possible trial of Texas Gov. Rick Perry for allegedly applying illegal coercion to a district attorney will complicate -- but not kill -- his all-but-certain run for President in 2016. It's a sure bet that voters outside of Texas will forgive, ignore or overlook any outcome short of a conviction.

ISIS: Is it really a threat to the U.S.?updated Mon Aug 18 2014 08:24:25

U.S. officials are claiming that the terrorist group Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, is "now a credible alternative to al Qaeda."

Can Hillary Clinton win over the left?updated Mon Aug 18 2014 07:02:56

Hillary Clinton got herself into a frenzy of controversy as a result of an interview with The Atlantic in which she took some shots at President Obama's foreign policy.

Gordon Brown: Will world hear a child's cry for justice?updated Mon Aug 18 2014 06:54:33

Almost a century ago Eglantyne Jebb, the founder of Save the Children, said that the only international language the whole world understands is the cry of a child.

Five ways to start a financial revolution updated Mon Aug 18 2014 05:41:42

For many people the financial sector appears to be a sprawling, interconnected mass of colossal banks, complex jargon and mind-boggling numbers.

Ferguson and the lessons from Trayvon Martinupdated Sat Aug 16 2014 13:13:24

I believed we had learned lessons from the George Zimmerman case in how to better handle cases like the Michael Brown shooting. Zimmerman, you'll recall, was charged with shooting Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black teenager in Sanford, Florida, in 2012. I was Zimmereman's lawyer. That case caught national attention for the shooting itself, but almost more for the way law enforcement was perceived to have mishandled it and for the racial animus it exposed over how young blacks are treated in the criminal justice system.

In Iraq, it's not 'mission creep'updated Sat Aug 16 2014 12:34:22

Having had to request and frequently justify force requirements for combat and noncombat missions, I know that terms like "mission creep" and "boots on the ground" in connection with America's intervention in Iraq are frustratingly ill-defined and usually improperly used by those who have likely never had to plan or execute a military operation.

Yazidis' ISIS nightmare far from overupdated Fri Aug 15 2014 17:04:05

The offensive by ISIS militants against civilians and religious minorities in the northern Iraqi governorate of Nineveh has created a catastrophe.

When will Ferguson heal?updated Fri Aug 15 2014 16:23:34

President Obama spoke Thursday about the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri -- an unrest that began in response to the shooting of Michael Brown, an 18-year-old boy with no criminal record.

Obama, can't you see black anger in Ferguson?updated Fri Aug 15 2014 15:31:51

Over the past two days, President Barack Obama has finally weighed in on the tragic shooting of Michael Brown, as well as the wave of protests that emerged in its aftermath. In an official White House statement on Wednesday and a brief speech from Martha's Vineyard on Thursday, the President played his usual role of "the uniter," preaching calm and healing to the American public.

Protect Social Security, don't gut itupdated Fri Aug 15 2014 12:57:43

Seventy-nine years ago this week, as he signed the Social Security Act into law, my grandfather, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, observed, "The civilization of the past hundred years, with its startling industrial changes, has tended more and more to make life insecure. Young people have come to wonder what would be their lot when they came to old age."

Gaza: How can Hamas claim victory?updated Fri Aug 15 2014 11:05:36

It was with some difficulty that Hamas agreed to extend the ceasefire with Israel for another five days Wednesday.

Obama needs to lead on racial profiling legislationupdated Fri Aug 15 2014 08:26:05

President Obama's remarks Thursday on the death of Michael Brown were an echo of his powerful 2013 speech on Trayvon Martin's shooting. Notably absent was any mention of race.

What millennials want to hear from politiciansupdated Fri Aug 15 2014 08:12:05

Millennials will represent nearly 40% of the voting population by the year 2020, and the race is on to win this crucial voting demographic.

Press freedom in Ferguson: Is this 1964 or 2014?updated Fri Aug 15 2014 06:56:18

Fifty years ago, America's living rooms were interrupted with images of peaceful protesters in Selma or Washington or Chicago being bitten by police dogs, sprayed with fire hoses and pummeled by batons.

As ISIS closes in, is it game over for Syria's opposition in Aleppo?updated Fri Aug 15 2014 04:08:00

The fate of Syria's Western-backed opposition hangs on a knife edge in the northern part of the war-torn country -- and with radical Sunni militants and regime forces closing in on them from all sides, time may be running out.

Bipolar disorder and the creative mindupdated Thu Aug 14 2014 20:15:36

The suicide death of Robin Williams has generated interest in the relationship between creativity and depression. No one knows the nature of Mr. William's problems (added to them today was the revelation that he was suffering with early stage Parkinson's disease), but the possibility of a link between "madness" and creativity is ancient and persistent. It is also controversial; some believe that making such a link romanticizes painful, potentially lethal illnesses and ignores the diversity of temperament and imagination that is essential to artistic work as a pathology.

How Ferguson's citizens can take back powerupdated Thu Aug 14 2014 19:37:25

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon has appointed Capt. Ron Johnson of the Missouri State Highway Patrol, a black man, to take over the security on the ground in Ferguson. The President has issued a call for calm in the wake of a weekend police shooting that left teenager Michael Brown dead.

Ferguson, a war zone or U.S. city? updated Thu Aug 14 2014 18:21:20

The stories coming out of Ferguson, Missouri, paint an increasingly worrying picture?that of a Middle America city like most any other being turned into a war zone.

Why Ferguson is your townupdated Thu Aug 14 2014 08:52:03

What if this was your town?

What media got wrong on Robin Williams' suicide updated Thu Aug 14 2014 08:45:25

The tragic death of much loved actor and comedian Robin Williams took the world by surprise. There has been a steady stream of news reports -- at first conveying shock and disbelief then, disappointingly, moving on to salacious speculation about the cause and method of his death.

Ben Stein: In '60s, sex was like saying 'hi'updated Thu Aug 14 2014 08:15:12

In 1955, in the midst of the fabulous '50s, as America was roaring through unprecedented prosperity, none of the Top 10 songs of the year contained anything about sex. There were great songs like "The Yellow Rose of Texas," "The Ballad of Davy Crockett" and "Love is a Many Splendored Thing." But they were the kind of songs you could listen to with your grandmother.

What the U.S. can realistically do in Iraqupdated Thu Aug 14 2014 07:43:14

Over the past few days, politicians and experts have been debating the merits of the Obama administration's strategy in Iraq -- or whether there is in fact a strategy.

How religion could complicate U.S. intervention in Iraqupdated Thu Aug 14 2014 05:42:49

The decision by the Obama administration to intervene militarily in Iraq to prevent a potential "genocide" against a religious minority, could potentially strain relations with Sunnis, who constitute the overwhelming majority of Muslims in the Middle East and wider Muslim world.

Why Robin Williams lost to depressionupdated Wed Aug 13 2014 18:44:42

The tragic death of Robin Williams has once again taught us a bitter lesson: Depression does not discriminate, cannot be bargained with and shows no mercy.

Suicide doesn't set you freeupdated Wed Aug 13 2014 18:01:27

Suicide should NEVER be presented by media as a means to resolve or escape one's problems (contrary to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' twitter post, the genie is not free, the genie's pain has now been dispersed to a very large audience).

Lauren Bacall, the last existential heroine updated Wed Aug 13 2014 13:30:48

Lauren Bacall, who died Tuesday at the age of 89, always said, not altogether happily, that she would be defined by her relationship with her husband, the great actor Humphrey Bogart.

Poisoned relationship between police and minoritiesupdated Wed Aug 13 2014 09:45:26

I recently met a woman, the mother of three black teenagers. She told me that after the Trayvon Martin shooting, she forbade her boys to wear hoodies. She warned them never to walk around with their hands in their pockets. She was terrified that someone would find her boys acting suspiciously and one of them would end up being killed.

Kim Kardashian, Queen of Narcissismupdated Wed Aug 13 2014 07:56:17

It hurts me to say this, but I bet when I say "Kim," you know the last name.

The high-tech arms race that's causing stock market 'tsunamis'updated Wed Aug 13 2014 05:35:59

If you have ever tried to grab a bargain that appears online, you'll know you have to be quick. The business of high frequency trading -- using algorithms and superfast computers to conduct trades in a fraction of a second -- is a supercharged version of this, with the potential to execute millions of buy and sell orders electronically each day through the myriad exchanges currently in existence.

Robin Williams and depression: We all wear a maskupdated Tue Aug 12 2014 19:30:51

Smart, successful, funny and handsome. Robin Williams seemed to have it all. And yet, today he is dead. Apparently, by his own choice.

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama both wrongupdated Tue Aug 12 2014 16:53:26

In the absence of any serious Democratic opposition, Hillary Clinton appears to have decided to run against Barack Obama in the 2016 primaries. An interview with Jeffrey Goldberg in the Atlantic revealed her frustrations with the over-caution of the White House. Its maxim "don't do stupid stuff" might display post-Bush wisdom, says Clinton, but it also betrays a lack of a plan: "Great nations need organizing principles, and 'Don't do stupid stuff' is not an organizing principle," she said.

Does Iran back U.S. military intervention in Iraq?updated Tue Aug 12 2014 12:12:56

President Obama's decision to target militants from ISIS -- which is now calling itself the "Islamic State" or "IS" -- operating in Iraq comes as a huge relief to the Iranians. Officials in Tehran have been panic stricken since ISIS forces overran the northern Iraqi city of Mosul on June 10.

Gilbert Gottfried: Robin Williams' generous heartupdated Tue Aug 12 2014 07:43:38

It always made me laugh to hear stories about the insanity that would go on between Robin Williams and Gilbert Gottfried during the making of the movie "Aladdin." The truth was Robin and I didn't bump into each other once during the making of that film. I recorded the Parrot role, and he recorded the Genie separately. So when I saw the film for the first time at the premiere, I was able to laugh along with the rest of the audience at Robin's performance. I had never heard it before.

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