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Michael Dunn will stand trial for the shooting of Jordan Davis -- again.

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ISIS war rollout resembles launch of Obamacare siteupdated Sun Sep 21 2014 17:03:56

Someone in the Obama White House clearly has a good book to write one day: "How Not to Do Rollouts."

Opinion: Why climate change is an 'everybody issue' nowupdated Sun Sep 21 2014 06:50:01

Scientists are normally a pretty measured bunch. But in recent months, they've been resorting to some unusual language to get our attention. One top climatologist recently tweeted: "If even a small fraction of Arctic sea floor carbon is released to the atmosphere, we're f'd." When scientists start swearing in public, it is time for everyone to start worrying.

'I'm on the front lines of this crisis'updated Sat Sep 20 2014 11:14:28

On Friday morning, I boarded a leaky oyster boat in Connecticut with a captain who can't swim. Our destination: Manhattan, 84 miles down the coast. Mission: don't drown get world leaders to act on climate change.

Is the world going nuts?updated Fri Sep 19 2014 22:22:25

Is the world spinning out of control?

Why fall in love with ballet? updated Fri Sep 19 2014 19:22:27

Is ballet dying?

The imminent threat to the U.S. that gets ignoredupdated Fri Sep 19 2014 17:47:42

There is an imminent threat facing the people, economy and territory of the United States of America.

Politics a turnoff for millennialsupdated Fri Sep 19 2014 15:58:22

Scotland may have voted no on independence, but 16- and 17- year-olds offered a resounding yes to the question of whether young people can be motivated to take part in the political process after being allowed to vote for the first time. With voter turnout reportedly edging close to a remarkable 90% in some areas, many are pondering what we can expect from the youth vote in the upcoming U.S. midterm elections.

Arab public not taking U.S. efforts on ISIS seriouslyupdated Fri Sep 19 2014 15:21:17

As the United States gears up for possible airstrikes inside Syria, it should remember one thing: No matter how much planning has gone into U.S. military plans to counter the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, the Arab public isn't convinced that anything will change.

Opinion: Nationalists should not be ignored after Scottish pollupdated Fri Sep 19 2014 13:43:25

British Prime Minister David Cameron and the "No" campaign are entitled to savor their victory in the referendum on Scottish independence.

Will ISIS try Australian-style plot in America?updated Fri Sep 19 2014 11:47:50

Australian authorities say that ISIS leaders ordered followers to behead someone on Australian soil as a "demonstration killing." Prosecutors say they uncovered a plot that was "clearly designed to shock and horrify" the public.

Let 16-year-olds voteupdated Fri Sep 19 2014 10:48:24

Scotland decided to trust its 16-year-olds to vote in the biggest question in its history when the country headed to the polls this week for a referendum on independence. Americans, in contrast, don't even trust theirs to help pick the county sheriff. Who's right?

Money, a powerful weapon in domestic violence updated Fri Sep 19 2014 08:24:41

A mother and her young son were at a mall, when she considered buying him a sandwich. She knew her husband would beat her later for spending the $7, but her son was hungry. She swallowed her fear and bought the sandwich.

A new low in anti-Muslim American biasupdated Fri Sep 19 2014 08:01:49

As a Muslim American, I didn't think anything could shock me when it comes to anti-Muslim bigotry.

Why Hillary Clinton won't say she's running in 2016updated Fri Sep 19 2014 07:59:40

"Are you running for president?"

Why Scotland's 'No' vote will relieve UK allies and make an EU exit less likelyupdated Fri Sep 19 2014 05:17:25

The news that Scotland has rejected independence from the rest of the United Kingdom -- by a relatively close 55-45 margin -- has reassured financial markets and many governments across the world.

Why air strikes alone won't beat ISISupdated Fri Sep 19 2014 00:50:53

President Obama's strategy for destroying the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) appears to depend on a volley of airstrikes followed by a (currently absent) holding force of Syrian rebels and Iraqi troops. "[T]his strategy of taking out one that we have successfully pursued in Yemen and Somalia for years," the President said.

Opinion: Why al Qaeda's expansion into India and Bangladesh will failupdated Thu Sep 18 2014 22:39:50

In the space of a short few months, the self-styled Islamic State (also known by the acronym ISIS) has claimed to have established a fundamentalist state and revived the Caliphate, while seemingly monopolizing the market on young foreign fighters from Europe and North America, while conducting a sophisticated social media and propaganda campaign.

Obama's emerging foreign policy doctrineupdated Thu Sep 18 2014 13:57:33

Critics say that President Barack Obama's foreign policy is "feckless," "mushy" or "too cautious" and above all, that it lacks a clear overarching doctrine.

Spanking isn't child abuse; it's common senseupdated Thu Sep 18 2014 08:32:19

So now we're having a debate about spanking.

How Walmart can help confront racism updated Thu Sep 18 2014 07:56:18

When a black man dies at the hands of a white police officer, not often is there video evidence that could end the speculation and show what happened.

Does spanking harm the black community?updated Thu Sep 18 2014 07:52:31

To hear some folks tell it, in the wake of NFL star Adrian Peterson's child abuse arrest, giving your child a good whuppin' is one of the treasured icons of black culture, as revered an activity as playing bid whist, eating fried catfish at a backyard barbecue or doing The Cupid Shuffle at a wedding reception.

View from Russia: Could Putin be in Obama's 'broad coalition' against ISIS? updated Thu Sep 18 2014 05:16:10

Sometimes geography gets in the way of power politics. Just when you thought that Ukraine was miles away from Syria, bang -- you find out that they're actually bordering each other.

On relationship violence, let's move from discussions to solutionsupdated Wed Sep 17 2014 21:33:33

Over the last few weeks, America has been caught up in a wrenching discussion of the issue of relationship violence with the revelations about Ray Rice and other star football players and the handling of their cases. It's a conversation in which my family and I have a vital stake.

NASA misses chance to revitalize space programupdated Wed Sep 17 2014 18:24:23

It didn't take a rocket scientist to predict that NASA's plan to pay Russia to launch American astronauts into orbit wasn't going to turn out well.

Time to give Ukraine defensive weaponsupdated Wed Sep 17 2014 15:36:33

When Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko visits Washington on Thursday, he will almost certainly again ask for U.S. military assistance, including defensive weapons. President Barack Obama should say yes. Arming Kiev can deter Russian Vladimir Putin from further aggression and support the fragile Ukraine ceasefire and settlement process. Doing so would also bolster U.S. efforts to prevent nuclear proliferation.

America needs a game plan for next president and Congressupdated Wed Sep 17 2014 07:55:48

In case you haven't heard, nothing worthwhile will happen in Washington until after the midterm elections. That's the conventional wisdom anyway, where the thinking is that a bitterly divided Congress will be lucky to name a post office, let alone deal with pressing issues like the budget or jobs.

Rihanna is rightupdated Wed Sep 17 2014 07:48:37

I love you Rihanna.

Opinion: Lights flicker in Egypt as 'megaprojects' sap fundsupdated Wed Sep 17 2014 03:33:06

Former President Anwar Sadat's "infitah" or open door policy was a megaproject touted as a fix-all to Egypt's ailing economy.

NASA move could transform space explorationupdated Tue Sep 16 2014 21:51:10

Today's selection of Boeing and SpaceX as the providers of a U.S.-based capability to take humans to the International Space Station (ISS) is a major milestone in the almost six-decade history of space exploration. It is just the latest sign that the old paradigm of government-only space travel is being replaced by something else -- a new business ecosystem composed of novel relationships among NASA and the aerospace industry.

What an anti-ISIS strategy should look likeupdated Tue Sep 16 2014 18:48:09

The beheadings of two American journalists and now a British aid worker have rightly prompted outrage around the world. Although ISIS only started to make international headlines this year, its rise has been years in the making. And it should not have taken anyone in the international community by surprise.

In defense of Roger Goodellupdated Tue Sep 16 2014 17:02:04

Is there any way to ... well ... defend Roger Goodell?

'Django Unchained' actress was out of lineupdated Tue Sep 16 2014 16:52:09

I'm frustrated by the story of "Django Unchained" actress Daniele Watts' claim of racism after being detained by a police officer.

Why U.S. must be part of Ebola responseupdated Tue Sep 16 2014 12:02:08

The Ebola outbreak in West Africa is a health crisis of massive proportions -- and one that keeps on growing. So far, the World Health Organization estimates nearly 4,300 people have likely been infected in the latest outbreak, with almost 2,300 deaths. With no proven vaccine or treatment currently available, and a case fatality rate of up to 90%, alarm bells are ringing across the globe.

Kanye West and proving your disabilitiesupdated Tue Sep 16 2014 07:51:41

On Friday, Kanye West stopped a concert in Sydney to demand that everyone stand up. He looked around the crowd, pointing out those slow to rise. He said, "Unless you got a handicap pass and you get special parking and s**t," he simply would not continue the show until everyone was on their feet. The crowd shouted, "Stand up!" or even, "F***ing stand up!"

Is it OK to hunt while pregnant?updated Tue Sep 16 2014 07:48:55

The course of events that led me from a promise never to be one of those women who wrote about her pregnancy to writing this column is a little circuitous, involving a wedding in Jackson Hole, an ill-timed bris and a dove hunt in Eastern Maryland. Obviously.

Vote on war against ISIS? Don't be sillyupdated Tue Sep 16 2014 07:40:55

We all understand that the closer Congress gets to an election, the more risk-averse it becomes. Members just want to get re-elected and aren't looking to take any chances. That's why lame-duck, post-election sessions are sadly often the most productive: Once members feel safe (or are even on their way out of office), they can actually do some real work.

Opinion: With each outrage, the values we're fighting for become clearerupdated Tue Sep 16 2014 05:59:59

The recent beheadings of U.S. journalists Steven Satloff and James Foley, as well as British aid worker David Haines by ISIS are a gruesome and tragic reminder of our relationship with extremists since 9/11. So far, public debate has focused on the motivations for this kind of extreme political violence and what to do about it.

Can Sierra Leone's economy survive Ebola?updated Tue Sep 16 2014 05:49:55

Sierra Leone is facing its toughest test to date. The Ebola virus, very deadly and currently without a cure, is fast-spreading throughout the small West African country.

Why UK would miss Scotlandupdated Mon Sep 15 2014 18:17:39

On Thursday, Scotland goes to the polls to consider leaving the United Kingdom. I'm praying they say no. For their sakes and for our sakes as fellow Britons. We need each other.

When it's smart to say no to candidate debatesupdated Mon Sep 15 2014 17:45:22

Conventional thinking is that every race in every campaign cycle comes with a debate between the candidates. An increasingly informed, technoliterate electorate threatens to make debates an endangered species, however. In a few cases, at least, that's for the best.

Time for U.S. to ban use of tortureupdated Mon Sep 15 2014 17:22:19

I worked as a CIA operations officer and station chief during the Cold War years. In the gray world of espionage, there was a clear distinction, at least in my mind, between the CIA and our opponents: They tortured their prisoners, we did not.

Congress, you can impeach Mark Fullerupdated Mon Sep 15 2014 15:47:00

The 911 tape is frightening.

NFL should curb Goodell's control over disciplineupdated Mon Sep 15 2014 15:38:04

When leaders get into trouble these days, they often complain that they have too little power to be effective. Yet as debate rages about the NFL's handling of player discipline, the problem for NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is just the opposite: He seems to have too much power.

Spanking isn't parenting; it's child abuseupdated Mon Sep 15 2014 12:46:37

The only person you can legally hit in the United States is a child.

Why I finally got marriedupdated Mon Sep 15 2014 11:32:19

I got married the Saturday before Labor Day. My partner Jená and I had been a couple for nearly nine years and living together for six. Which is why the most frequent refrain she and I heard all weekend was, "It's about time!"

What a do-nothing Congress actually doesupdated Mon Sep 15 2014 07:17:49

The "do-nothing" Congress is the most misleading expression in politics.

The British connection to ISIS beheadings updated Sun Sep 14 2014 13:07:25

He has beheaded again. The tall, masked British man with the London accent, working with ISIS.

Is U.N. ignoring janjaweed danger?updated Sat Sep 13 2014 19:42:45

Ten years ago this week, then-Secretary of State Colin Powell declared that genocide had been committed in Darfur and that the government of Sudan and the janjaweed bore responsibility for those acts. Even though it did not actually trigger a legal obligation to act, many hoped that using the "g word" meant that the United States was crossing the Rubicon and committing itself to stopping the violence in Darfur, Sudan's most troubled region.

A powerful tool against domestic violenceupdated Sat Sep 13 2014 11:51:32

As a baseball executive whose mother survived relentless domestic violence, and an advocate who worked for years to pass the Violence Against Women Act, we want to celebrate the 20th anniversary of that life-saving bill, signed into law on September 13, 1994.

Beautiful relationship will end if Scotland leaves UKupdated Sat Sep 13 2014 02:18:19

I am proud to be English. I am also proud to be British. In fact I define myself as a British European. This means I am happy to support England in football matches, support Team GB at the Olympic Games and support Europe in the Ryder Cup golf tournament.

Brian Cox: Scottish 'Yes' vote will see democracy rebornupdated Sat Sep 13 2014 02:18:11

As we approach the referendum, what is being proven time and time again is that the people of Scotland are showing a political will that has been sadly lacking in these islands for the last generation or so.

How not to handle Ebolaupdated Fri Sep 12 2014 18:18:37

What turns a few cases of disease into thousands?

Domestic abuse 'ordinary' in U.S.updated Fri Sep 12 2014 18:07:33

The video of Ray Rice knocking his then-fiancee Janay Palmer unconscious and then dragging her body out of an elevator brought the topic of domestic violence to the nation's attention.

Will the 'God particle' destroy the world? updated Fri Sep 12 2014 15:47:20

World-famous physicist Stephen Hawking recently said the world as we know it could be obliterated instantaneously.

Would Scottish 'yes' be just the start?updated Fri Sep 12 2014 14:08:26

Next week, the people of Scotland will vote on whether to seek independence from the United Kingdom, creating the world's newest country in the process. Recent polls suggest that this is by no means just a pipe dream of the Scottish nationalists, with the "Yes" campaign actually leading in one survey. But the results will be being watched far from Britain's shores; this is a decision that has potentially far-reaching consequences, especially within Europe.

Obama's wise move on immigrationupdated Fri Sep 12 2014 12:01:18

As a Latina activist I was devastated to learn the President would delay executive action to keep undocumented immigrants with no criminal record from getting deported.

Scotland, you want out? We'll take your placeupdated Fri Sep 12 2014 07:46:34

Here's a question that seems to be lost in the debate over the Scottish independence vote scheduled for September 18:

Thank Bill Clinton for AmeriCorpsupdated Fri Sep 12 2014 07:42:46

Bill Clinton's speech accepting the Democratic nomination for president in 1992 went through 22 drafts. But from the first to the last, he insisted on including a call to service.

Why New Zealand is a slave to U.S. interestsupdated Thu Sep 11 2014 21:17:32

The approaching election represents a crossroads for New Zealand.

Obama's strategy: Kill ISIS before they kill usupdated Thu Sep 11 2014 17:45:58

Think that President Barack Obama has done a back flip on Iraq and Syria, gotten that old-time religion and is now a convert to the "let's kill them wherever we find them" approach of his predecessors? Think again, or at least lay down until the feeling passes.

Why Jaws was best 'Bond' villain everupdated Thu Sep 11 2014 16:23:04

You couldn't really call him a "Bond villain" in the grander context of Dr. No, Auric Goldfinger, Hugo Drax or that annoyingly resilient cat-fancier Ernst Stavros Blofeld. Those guys were schemers, planners, twisted visionaries of mass apocalypse whose Big Ideas were to be played out at humanity's expense.

Obama can fight ISIS without bombs updated Thu Sep 11 2014 13:20:29

Pro-military hawks must be pleased with President Obama's speech on Wednesday night about attacking ISIS. We're sure to hear many of them -- the same voices that have been hounding the President to take military action in the first place -- call for more extensive strikes and even American troops on the ground.

End the flood of dark money in politicsupdated Thu Sep 11 2014 08:27:59

Thanks to several overreaching court cases, including the most well-known, the Supreme Court's disastrous Citizens United decision, the past five years have given us a whole new understanding of corporate power and its intersection with "dark money" political spending.

How to stop ISIS from recruiting Americansupdated Thu Sep 11 2014 08:23:49

Through English-language propaganda and a vibrant social media presence, ISIS is actively encouraging young Americans to join its cause to take up arms in Syria and Iraq. Some Americans have joined the militant group, according to officials. Intelligence officials fear the number will grow higher since ISIS has been successful with recruitment in some European countries.

Opinion: Could Barack Obama's plan against ISIS spark backlash?updated Thu Sep 11 2014 07:40:00

U.S. President Barack Obama's plan to expand the military campaign against ISIS terrorists into Syria, and to boost American backing for rebels fighting Syria's President Bashar al-Assad, represents a grave escalation that risks dragging the U.S. and its allies into an open-ended regional war.

Did Obama sell his ISIS strategy?updated Thu Sep 11 2014 00:57:46

CNN asked for views on President Obama's speech, in which he outlined his administration's plans for addressing the threat posed by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), including a campaign of airstrikes and a call for Congress to provide additional authority and resources to train and equip opposition fighters in Syria.

Why does she stay? That's the wrong questionupdated Wed Sep 10 2014 22:29:08

You know why she stays? Sometimes it's because she looks in the mirror and sees a stranger staring back at her. Eyes devoid of spirit. No remnants of a smile anywhere on her face. A blank, colorless mask covering the strong, independent person she used to be. She has no idea who she is anymore. Everything she thought she knew about herself has been stripped. She knows only the screams of condemnation. "You're no good. You're stupid. You're selfish. Who else could ever love you?"

Are we overspending on stopping terrorism?updated Wed Sep 10 2014 16:49:28

Thirteen years since the attacks of September 11, 2001, and one thing is clear: There has been no shortage of money thrown at the efforts to ensure that there is no repeat of the tragedy. But an estimated more than $1 trillion later, and as terrible as the events of that day were, it is worth asking: Are we actually spending our money wisely?

NFL and abuse: It's not just Ray Riceupdated Wed Sep 10 2014 15:32:09

Ray McDonald, who plays for the San Francisco 49ers, was arrested August 31 on felony domestic violence charges involving his pregnant fiancee. The San Jose Police Department said McDonald's fiancee had "visible injuries," and the Sacramento Bee reported that police were previously called to his house in May.

Ted Cruz: How U.S. can stop ISISupdated Wed Sep 10 2014 13:48:29

This week, as we mark the 13th anniversary of horrific attacks on our home soil, Americans should have no illusions about the terrorists who have repeatedly declared their intent to strike America again.

Is the Internet about to get sloooooow?updated Wed Sep 10 2014 11:23:28

On Wednesday, millions of Americans visiting their favorite websites will encounter the same dreaded image: the spinning wheel of death. This is the symbol of the great "Internet Slowdown" -- a coordinated day of action among hundreds of organizers and some of the world's largest tech firms, including Netflix, Twitter, Etsy, Kickstarter, Mozilla, Foursquare, Reddit, and WordPress. Together they are showing the American public what most of the Internet would look like in a world without "net neutrality." In a word: slow.

Terra-cotta warriors get 'sex change'updated Wed Sep 10 2014 09:22:56

When Emperor Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor of China, anticipated his death more than 2,000 years ago, he wanted an army of warriors to guard his mausoleum forever and protect him in the afterlife.

10 questions for Obama on ISISupdated Wed Sep 10 2014 09:01:14

President Barack Obama has a remarkable opportunity Wednesday night.

Apple Watch: Start of a wearables revolution?updated Wed Sep 10 2014 07:53:32

If you haven't been under a rock the past 24 hours (and if you have been, you have other things to worry about), you know that a certain Cupertino-based fruit company has finally unveiled its entry into the smartwatch sweepstakes, and, as expected from the house that the late Steve Jobs built, the new Apple Watch is a bushel of insanely geektastic features wrapped up in a sleek and eminently gorgeous package.

What to tell kids about Ray Riceupdated Tue Sep 09 2014 20:39:12

Ray Rice was an idol for many a football fan, old and young. But in my town of New Rochelle, New York, he wasn't merely a Pro Bowl running back who ran on average more than 1,000 yards for six seasons.

Blaming Janay Rice is an outrageupdated Tue Sep 09 2014 19:54:20

Shut up. Shut up. Shut. Up.

5 questions Obama must answer about ISIS strategyupdated Tue Sep 09 2014 17:34:46

President Barack Obama is poised to make his case to the country on the next steps for tackling the threat posed by ISIS. Certainly, ISIS' advances this summer -- including the seizure of territories in Iraq and Syria, declaration of a new "caliphate," and its killings of thousands in Iraq and Syria, including two American journalists -- have been a wake-up call. What should the President keep in mind as he prepares to deliver his speech Wednesday?

Restorative justice is a win-win updated Tue Sep 09 2014 14:38:49

A chaplain told me as my wife, Patricia Stephens Due, was dying from cancer in 2012 that in the Book of Judges, Patricia was Deborah, a warrior judge of the Israelites, and I was her Barak, the military commander. Next month, I will celebrate my 80th birthday and my lifetime as a veteran of the Freedom Movement.

Opinion: Obama, please don't drive Iraq's Kurds into Iran's armsupdated Tue Sep 09 2014 13:46:24

As U.S. President Barack Obama decides on the best strategy to deal with the threat posed by ISIS in Iraq, Syria and beyond, his final plan of action will undoubtedly include the participation of like-minded allied countries and regional partners.

Wife-beating is not a private matterupdated Tue Sep 09 2014 12:50:48

The prominent man had an altercation with his wife at a hotel. He beat her up. There's even a recording of it. And what happened? A plea deal so generous that the abuser's arrest record will be expunged -- totally clean, as if the whole thing had never happened -- if he receives some counseling in the next few months.

Opinion: For all NATO's words, Ukraine still faces Russia aloneupdated Tue Sep 09 2014 11:57:29

The recent NATO summit in Newport, Wales was initially meant to prepare the alliance for the post-Afghanistan era and pooling of resources at the time of defense cuts, known in NATO lingua as "smart defense."

To beat ISIS threat, first understand itupdated Tue Sep 09 2014 10:11:03

Many of us are tempted to look backward and replay the myriad mistakes President Barack Obama has made in managing the now extraordinarily obvious crisis in the Middle East. I've done it, plenty of my fellow analysts do it, and now Obama's own Democratic Party members are doing it too. But sunk costs are irrelevant; the president's mistakes are made. The better question is, what does he plan to do now?

Let's get some 'kiss cam' equalityupdated Tue Sep 09 2014 10:05:50

There's plenty to hate about professional sports: the ridiculous salaries, the bloated egos, the domestic violence, the ignored concussions.

Justice Department jeopardizes Ferguson caseupdated Tue Sep 09 2014 08:56:58

If the United States Department of Justice has any real interest in obtaining justice in the tragic shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown, Attorney General Eric Holder's announcement of a new civil rights investigation in Ferguson, Missouri, (population 21,000) was a step in the wrong direction.

Don't fall for birth control plan that would push women back to 1950supdated Tue Sep 09 2014 07:59:28

Over the past few weeks, politicians who have taken a hard-line stance against insurance coverage for contraception are offering a new alternative: make birth control available over the counter. At first glance, this appears to be a welcome shift, a reflection of the growing support for making birth control available to more women.

Opinion: China's education arms raceupdated Tue Sep 09 2014 01:45:59

Last week, China unveiled a list of wide-ranging reforms to the "gaokao" -- the hyper-competitive and grueling college entrance examination that represents most families' best shot at the Chinese dream.

Charges in hot car death are strongupdated Mon Sep 08 2014 22:18:33

Justin Ross Harris was indicted last week on eight counts in the hot-car death of his 22-month-old son, Cooper. Harris could face the death penalty if prosecutors decide to seek it and he's convicted of the most serious charge.

Time to turn crisis into an opportunityupdated Mon Sep 08 2014 20:04:47

President Barack Obama has properly decided to go to Congress and then the American people this week to reveal his strategy to degrade and destroy the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or ISIS). To paraphrase former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, this is a crisis the President should not waste. How individual members of Congress respond to this call should matter and should be a 2014 election issue -- the duck and blame game stops here.

Why it's time for drug regulationupdated Mon Sep 08 2014 20:01:04

In business, if one of our companies is failing, we take steps to identify and solve the problem. What we don't do is continue failing strategies that cost huge sums of money and make the problem worse.

Lesson of Ray Rice case: Stop blaming victimupdated Mon Sep 08 2014 17:39:11

The video showing Ray Rice punching Janay Palmer inside an elevator was released Monday. And everyone should watch it.

Atlanta Hawks owner is a hypocriteupdated Mon Sep 08 2014 15:10:08

Bruce Levenson couldn't cut it as a successful NBA owner. His business, the Atlanta Hawks, was failing. He needed a scapegoat, and he blamed African-Americans, his most loyal customer base. Apparently, he forgot those fans are the only group that has stuck by him in spite of the inferior product he's put on the basketball court since he took over the team 11 years ago. He should be grateful any fans showed up for the games at all.

Levenson and the Hawks' real problemupdated Mon Sep 08 2014 15:04:05

Atlanta Hawks majority owner Bruce Levenson just figured out how to get rid of a product that no one wants to purchase by throwing himself on the confessional table of bigotry -- which will probably make him more wealthy than he could have ever imagined.

To get immigration reform, elect a Republicanupdated Mon Sep 08 2014 08:10:28

Now that President Barack Obama has broken his promise to take executive action on immigration, and put off the thorny issue until after the midterm elections -- and I predict, for the remainder of his presidency -- many immigration reform advocates are angry, surprised and disappointed.

How slavery haunts today's America updated Sun Sep 07 2014 11:38:36

One day two lifetimes ago, about 1825, a man from Maryland was standing outside a Methodist church after service, talking with his friends and fellow church members. William was enslaved. Parts of his life were very difficult. But he had also been able to create richness in other parts of his life. He probably had a family, and he was very active in the church. Yet as I explain in my new book "The Half Has Never Been Told," on that particular day everything suddenly changed for William.

Plane crash off Jamaica: What happened?updated Sat Sep 06 2014 17:12:44

I peered over the shoulder of the flight engineer and studied the pressurization gauge on his panel. The needle indicated that the cabin was climbing, and the slow popping in my ears confirmed it. Not good. The flight engineer swiveled his seat away from the panel and turned in my direction, brow furrowed, eyes wide.

Why is the NFL still blacking out games?updated Sat Sep 06 2014 16:21:14

This weekend marks the kickoff of what millions of Americans have been looking forward to since the final minutes of Seattle's Super Bowl victory in early February -- another football season.

Our fear of fat is meltingupdated Sat Sep 06 2014 12:29:57

Eating fat helps heart health and weight loss, concluded a widely reported clinical trial this week.

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