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Yemen Fast Facts updated 3 hours 8 minutes ago

Here's a look at what you need to know about Yemen, a country located on the southwestern tip of the Arabian Peninsula, sharing a border with Saudi Arabia and Oman.

Israel: Hamas presence a no-go for talks updated 6 hours 17 minutes ago

Israel's Security Cabinet announced Thursday the country won't hold peace negotiations with a Palestinian government backed by the militant Hamas movement.

Syrian opposition: Army helicopter drops barrel bombs in Aleppo, killing 24 updated 15 hours 34 minutes ago

A Syrian army helicopter dropped barrel bombs on a vegetable market in Aleppo on Thursday, killing 24 people, opposition activists said.

Hollywood movies in Arab countries: A love and hate relationship updated 22 hours 56 minutes ago

Arab residents in the Middle East and North Africa may enjoy Hollywood blockbusters, but they are also wary of the content, saying it is potentially "harmful to morality," a study finds.

Hamas, Fatah announce talks to form Palestinian unity government updated 1 days ago

Rival Palestinian factions Hamas and Fatah announced Wednesday they've agreed to reconcile -- a development that could see the Palestinian territories under a unified leadership for the first time in years.

Did Yemen, U.S. kill al Qaeda's chief bomb maker? updated 1 days ago

Officials are investigating whether al Qaeda's chief bomb maker, Ibrahim al-Asiri, was killed in an attack in Yemen.

Official: Extensive U.S. involvement in anti-terror operation in Yemen updated 1 days ago

The United States offered extensive assistance beyond drone strikes during a massive anti-terror operation in Yemen, a U.S. official said.

Bomb attached to car kills Egyptian general updated 1 days ago

An Egyptian military official died Wednesday when a bomb attached to his car exploded, state-run EgyNews reported.

U.N. chief to Syria: Please don't hold presidential elections updated 2 days ago

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urged Syria against holding presidential elections on June 3

U.S.: signs point to Syria using chlorine gas in attacks updated 3 days ago

The Obama administration and its allies believe the Syrian government may have used chlorine gas in a deadly attack this month on its own people, several U.S. officials and other diplomats told CNN.

Yemen strikes may target top al Qaeda leaders updated 3 days ago

An operation targeting al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula is under way, a high-level Yemeni government official being briefed on the strikes told CNN Monday.

Syria announces presidential election as civil war rages on updated 3 days ago

As more reports of bloodshed and chaos emerged from Syria on Monday, the government announced it will hold presidential elections on June 3.

Source: 'Massive' attack targets al Qaeda in Yemen updated 3 days ago

An operation targeting al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula is under way, a high-level Yemeni government official who is being briefed on the strikes told CNN.

Israeli police block U.N. envoy during procession with Palestinian Christians updated 5 days ago

Israeli security forces halted Palestinian Christians -- joined by a U.N. envoy -- participating a pre-Easter procession Saturday in Jerusalem's Old City.

Syria on track to meet April deadline for chemical weapons disposal, OPCW says updated 5 days ago

OPCW says Syria has destroyed a majority of its chemical weapons before the April deadline.

Drone strike in Yemen kills suspected al Qaeda militants updated 5 days ago

A drone strike in Yemen killed at least 15 people, including 12 suspected al Qaeda militants, officials said.

Syrian teen is called 'the Malala of Za'atari' updated 6 days ago

Mizune, 14, one of the thousands of refugees who fled Syria since the civil war began, is sure of one thing: "We can help and improve our nation with education."

Saudi veteran intelligence chief calls it quits updated 6 days ago

Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan has stepped down from his intelligence post, Saudi Press Agency reports.

Photos show victim's mother forgive killer, halt hanging in Iran updated 6 days ago

The parents of a young man killed in a street fight halt the execution of the convicted killer -- seconds before he was to be hanged in front of a large crowd.

Saudi Arabia to build world's tallest tower, reaching 1 kilometer into the sky updated 6 days ago

Saudi Arabia is building the world's tallest tower. Once done, it will be 558 feet taller than the Burj Khalifa.

In Iraq, 18 dead in attacks updated 7 days ago

Attackers in Iraq killed 18 people on Wednesday, authorities said.

Jordan's ambassador to Libya is kidnapped in Tripoli updated 9 days ago

Jordan's ambassador to Libya was kidnapped Tuesday in central Tripoli, the foreign ministries of both nations said.

Syria Fast Facts updated 9 days ago

Syria is a Middle Eastern country sharing a border with Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, Iraq and Turkey. The Syrian uprising began in March 2011. As of August 2013, more than 100,000 Syrians have been killed, according to the United Nations. The death toll is no longer being updated by the United Nations due to methodology issues.

Checkpoint attack injures 2 Egyptian soldiers updated 9 days ago

Two Egyptian police officers were injured during an attack near Cairo early Tuesday, Egypt's state news agency reported.

Iranian woman awaits execution as global outcry for mercy grows updated 10 days ago

Worldwide calls grow for Iran to call off the impending execution of a 26-year-old woman convicted of murder.

28 killed in violence across Iraq updated 10 days ago

A car bomb went off in the restive northern Iraqi city of Mosul on Sunday, killing nine people, while 10 others were killed in clashes there, officials said.

Syrian government, rebels say other side used poison gas updated 10 days ago

Rebel forces and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's government are blaming each other for the latest reported use of poisonous gas in the ongoing civil war.

You'll never guess where this record-breaking mural is updated 10 days ago

With no end in sight for the Syrian civil war, it's mostly grim pictures that come out from the country.

Car bombing in Iraq; 3 dead updated 12 days ago

A car bomb in the Iraqi city of Baquba on Saturday killed three people and wounded 18 others, police said.

Iran stands by U.N. envoy choice Hamid Aboutalebi despite U.S. visa denial updated 12 days ago

An Iranian official said Tehran is not considering a replacement for Hamid Aboutalebi as its chosen U.N. envoy, despite the denial of a U.S. visa, state TV said.

Family: Ex-US Marine convicted in Iran, sentenced to 10 years prison updated 13 days ago

Former U.S. Marine Amir Hekmati has been convicted in Iran by a secret court of "practical collaboration with the U.S. government" and sentenced to 10 years in prison, his sister told CNN on Friday.

68 killed as Islamist groups fight each other in Syria, group says updated 13 days ago

Rival Islamist factions fought for a second straight day in eastern Syria on Friday -- a fight that so far has killed 68 militants, an opposition group said.

Iraq's deputy prime minister survives assassination attempt, officials say updated 13 days ago

Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Salih al-Mutlaq and another lawmaker survived an assassination attempt in Baghdad on Friday, security officials told CNN.

'It's all death, but at least here it is slightly more gentle' updated 14 days ago

In one of the clinics in Arsal, a young fighter asks that we conceal his identity, going simply by the name Ahmed.

Israeli-Palestinian talks stall as ministers told not to meet with counterparts updated 15 days ago

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu orders ministers to halt meetings with their Palestinian counterparts, a senior Israeli official told CNN on Wednesday

The Syrian filmmakers aiming to change your view of the war updated 15 days ago

In Syria, not all rebels carry guns, some carry cameras.

Israel launches airstrikes against 'terror sites' in Gaza updated 18 days ago

Israeli warplanes struck five targets in Gaza on Saturday evening in "retaliation" for what a military spokesman called "terrorist aggression."

Israel wants peace talks but 'not at any price' updated 18 days ago

Israel is willing to continue U.S-brokered peace talks with the Palestinians but "not at any price," Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday.

Al Qaeda leader urges militants to find out who killed his Syria representative updated 19 days ago

Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri calls on his fighters to find out who killed his chief representative in Syria, where militants have had a strong presence.

Tribal feud in Egypt sparks deadly fighting updated 19 days ago

A long-running dispute between two large tribes in Egypt burst into armed violence, with at least 18 people reported slain.

Ehud Olmert Fast Facts updated 19 days ago

Here's a look at the life of Ehud Olmert, former prime minister of Israel.

Pervez Musharraf Fast Facts updated 19 days ago

Here is a look at the life of Pervez Musharraf, former President of Pakistan.

Nuke negotiators aim to start crafting Iran deal in May updated 20 days ago

Talks will resume next week on the future of Iran's nuclear program with the goal of beginning to draft a comprehensive agreement in May, a senior Obama administration official said on Friday.

Prospects for Mideast peace deal fading updated 20 days ago

After more than a dozen trips to the Middle East and 14 months of unbridled optimism on the prospects for peace in the region and his own ability to negotiate it, John Kerry on Friday finally sounded defeated.

Pakistan Taliban extend cease-fire, demand prisoner release updated 20 days ago

The main Pakistani Taliban extended a ceasefire deadline until April 10, just two days after they met with Pakistan officials and made demands.

Yemen: Militants kill 5 soldiers at checkpoint updated 20 days ago

Suspected al Qaeda militants in pickup trucks attacked a Yemeni security checkpoint on Friday, killing five soldiers and injuring three others, two Yemeni Defense Ministry officials said.

Mother of Iranian passenger on Flight 370 suffers in silence updated 20 days ago

The mother of an Iranian man who used a stolen passport to board Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 mourns alone.

Creating a safe haven for Syrian artists fleeing war updated 20 days ago

For three decades or so, Syrian artist Safwan Dahoul has been painting pensive, haunting images -- all of which are titled "Dream".

Indonesia pays 'blood money' to save maid from execution in Saudi Arabia updated 20 days ago

Indonesia's government has stepped in at the eleventh hour to help save an Indonesian woman on death row in Saudi Arabia from being executed this weekend.

Number of Syrian refugees in Lebanon passes 1 million, U.N. says updated 21 days ago

The number of Syrian refugees in Lebanon has passed 1 million, the United Nations' refugee agency said Thursday.

Iraqi military says it killed 40 in thwarted attack against base updated 21 days ago

Iraqi security forces on Thursday thwarted an attack by an al Qaeda splinter group on a military base in central Iraq, killing 40 gunmen, Interior Ministry says.

Syria refugee's desperate act: 'They burned my heart before they burned my body' updated 21 days ago

Mariam Khaowleh moans softly as the nurse gently removes the straw from her raw lips.

Incendiary lyrics and high-powered motorbikes: Egypt's revolutionary rock band won't keep quiet updated 21 days ago

Before releasing an album most bands would talk about record sales or concert dates. But for Egyptian band Cairokee the bigger talking point is whether they will get arrested.

Jonathan Pollard, spy for Israel, could go free in emerging Mideast peace deal updated 22 days ago

Jonathan Pollard, former U.S. intelligence agent convicted of spying for Israel, could be released before Passover as part of effort to save Mideast peace talks.

Jailed Al Jazeera journalists denied bail, deny Muslim Brotherhood links updated 24 days ago

An Egyptian court on Monday again denied bail to three Al Jazeera journalists who are jailed on terrorism-related charges.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert convicted in bribery scandal updated 24 days ago

An Israeli judge on Monday convicted former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert of taking bribes while mayor of Jerusalem.

Egypt to hold presidential elections May 26-27 updated 24 days ago

Egypt's presidential elections will take place on May 26 and 27, Egyptian media reported, citing an announcement by the Presidential Elections Commission.

Suicide bomber kills 3 soldiers in Lebanon updated 26 days ago

A suicide bomber blew himself up inside a booby-trapped car, killing three soldiers and wounding four others at an army checkpoint in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley.

Egypt: Journalist killed in Cairo clashes updated 27 days ago

A journalist was among three people killed Friday during clashes between Muslim Brotherhood supporters and Egyptian security forces in eastern Cairo.

2 car bombs hit Iraqi Sunni neighborhoods updated 28 days ago

Two car bombs exploded in separate locations in Baghdad Thursday, killing six people and wounding 19 others, police officials told CNN.

Qatari court finds American couple guilty in death of adopted daughter updated 28 days ago

A Qatari judge sentenced California couple Grace and Matthew Huang to three years in prison after they were found guilty in the death of their 8-year-old adopted daughter.

Egypt's El-Sisi to resign, paving way for presidential bid updated 29 days ago

Egyptian army chief Abdel Fattah El-Sisi announced that he would resign and declared his candidacy in national elections widely expected later this year.

Iran Fast Facts updated 29 days ago

Iran is a republic in Central Asia, sharing a border with seven countries: Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Iraq, Turkey, and Turkmenistan. It has been officially known as the Islamic Republic of Iran since the overthrow of the Shah in 1979. Iran is a Shiite Muslim country, but the majority of its people are Persian, not Arab.

Controversy stirs anew over Saudi textbooks with Obama set to visit updated 29 days ago

President Obama's trip to Saudi Arabia comes amid concerns textbooks in the Kingdom remain rife with extremism.

Kidnapped U.N. workers are freed in Yemen updated 30 days ago

Two hostages working for the United Nations were freed hours after they were taken in the Yemeni capital, an official told CNN.

Arab League Fast Facts updated 30 days ago

Here's a look at the Arab League, an organization of 22 Middle Eastern and African countries and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).

Iran's Nuclear Capabilities Fast Facts updated 30 days ago

Here's a look at Iran's nuclear capabilities.

Ali Abdullah Saleh Fast Facts updated 30 days ago

Here is a look at the life of Ali Abdullah Saleh, who was president of Yemen for 33 years.

Lebanon Fast Facts updated 31 days ago

Here's a look at what you need to know about Lebanon, a Middle Eastern country with a history of civil war and political instability, bordering Syria, Israel and the Mediterranean Sea.

Turkey shoots down Syrian warplane, Prime Minister Erdogan says updated 32 days ago

Turkey shot down a Syrian fighter jet Sunday after the warplane strayed into its airspace, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said.

Iraqi journalist shot dead in Baghdad updated 32 days ago

Mohammed Bdaiwi, the Baghdad bureau chief of Radio Free Iraq, was shot and killed Saturday in Baghdad, police said.

3 killed in confrontation with Israeli military updated 33 days ago

Three Palestinians, including a Hamas operative, were killed and seven were injured during a confrontation with Israeli military forces.

Sunnis targeted across Iraq updated 34 days ago

A wave of violence swept across Iraq on Friday, resulting in at least 38 deaths, police said. Most of the casualties occurred in Sunni towns and cities.

More deadly violence, more targeting of suspected militants in Iraq updated 35 days ago

Explosions and shootings around Iraq killed at least 13 people Thursday, police officials in Baghdad and other provinces told CNN.

Scarface in a fez? Classic films get an Ottoman makeover updated 35 days ago

Turkish illustrator Murat Palta drew classic movies in the style of Ottoman art. Take our quiz to match the film

Rebel academics set up university to save Syria's 'lost generation' updated 35 days ago

Thousands of Syrian refugees have had to abandon their education. One professor is funding a university to educate these builders of tomorrow.

Two Egyptian army officers killed in shootout with militants updated 36 days ago

Gunmen killed two Egyptian military personnel and injured a third when security forces raided a militant hideout on Wednesday, the Interior Ministry said.

Israel retaliates in Syria after roadside bomb attack against Israeli troops updated 36 days ago

Israel launches airstrikes on Syrian targets after a roadside bomb attack which injured Israeli troops.

Egypt President will 'spare no effort' to resolve case of Al Jazeera journalist updated 37 days ago

Egypt 's interim President assured the family of imprisoned journalist Peter Greste he "will spare no effort to work towards the speedy resolution of the case."

Iran Hostage Crisis Fast Facts updated 38 days ago

Here's a look at the 1979 Iran hostage crisis, in which 52 U.S. citizens were held captive for 444 days.

Suicide car bomb kills two in Lebanon updated 39 days ago

A suicide bomb explosion killed two people and injured 14 on a highway near Nabi Uthman in Lebanon's Bekaa valley, according to Lebanon's official news agency NNA.

Mahmoud Abbas Fast Facts updated 39 days ago

Here's a look at Mahmoud Abbas's life.

Arab Spring three years on: Unsettled waters or a turning tide? updated 40 days ago

Three years on, how are the Arab Spring countries faring?

Syria's foreign minister has successful heart surgery, reports says updated 41 days ago

Syria's top diplomat underwent successful heart surgery, the state-run Syrian Arab News Agency reported Friday.

Violence flares again in Gaza, southern Israel updated 42 days ago

At least 17 rockets from Gaza were fired at Israel and the Israeli air force hit seven targets, officials say.

Gunmen fire on army bus in Cairo -report updated 42 days ago

Gunmen opened fire on an army bus in Cairo Thursday, killing one officer and injuring three soldiers, Egypt's state-run EgyNews reported.

Israel fires on 29 'terror sites' after rockets from Gaza hit populated areas updated 43 days ago

Eight rockets fired by jihadis in Gaza land in populated areas of southern Israel, marking "the most substantial attack" in two years against the country.

Twitter posts land 2 Saudi men in prison updated 44 days ago

Two men were found guilty in Saudi courts this week for, among other offenses, messages they posted on Twitter.

Israel says it regrets killing of Palestinian judge from Jordan updated 44 days ago

Israel expressed regret Tuesday over the killing of a Palestinian judge from Jordan, who was shot by Israeli soldiers at a border crossing.

Reports: 13 nuns freed by kidnappers in Syria updated 45 days ago

Nuns kidnapped in late November from a monastery in Syria were freed Sunday, a pro-Syrian government news network and Lebanese state media reported.

U.S. Navy was secretly prepared to seize Iranian weapons updated 46 days ago

The U.S. Navy had secret orders this week to be "prepared to act" to stop a cargo ship carrying Iranian arms destined for Gaza, CNN has learned.

EU's Ashton in Iran says there's 'no guarantee' of a final nuclear deal updated 46 days ago

The European Union's foreign policy chief said Sunday there is "no guarantee" a comprehensive nuclear agreement with Iran will work out.

7 years ago, American went missing in Iran, family's anguish began updated 46 days ago

Seven years ago Sunday, American Bob Levinson disappeared after traveling to Iran. His son Dan Levinson wants the U.S. to do more to help find his father.

Suicide bomber kills 34 at Iraq police checkpoint updated 46 days ago

A suicide bomber driving a car packed with explosives killed at least 34 people and wounded 121 others at a police checkpoint in the Iraqi city of Hilla.

Two L.A. gang members fighting for al-Assad in video are deported Syrians updated 49 days ago

Two Los Angeles-area men claiming in a video to be gang members fighting in Syria are Syrian nationals of Armenian descent who were deported there, police say.

Car bombing in Syria; deaths reported updated 49 days ago

At least eight people were killed in a car bomb explosion in the Syrian city of Homs on Thursday, an opposition group said.

Syria civil war: Video claims L.A. gang members are fighting for Assad updated 49 days ago

Two men claiming to be Los Angeles gang members post a video showing them firing rifles in the Syrian civil war, apparently on behalf of al-Assad's regime.

Israel intercepts ship with weapons headed to Gaza updated 49 days ago

The Israel Defense Forces said Wednesday it intercepted an Iranian shipment of "advanced" weapons bound for "terrorist organizations" operating in Gaza.

Take a look inside the world's largest mall updated 49 days ago

Luring 75 million visitors a year, The Dubai Mall is one of the most visited destinations on the planet.

Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain withdraw envoys from Qatar updated 50 days ago

Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain announced Wednesday the withdrawal of their ambassadors from Qatar.

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